COOL Picture Link Banners - Tutorial

This is a new tutorial I did to show you how to make your own cool picture link banners. You can make them up and then link anything to them, so be able to direct people to something else with a nice eye-catching banner.

Make them as big or small as you like. Please CLICK HERE to see how big one shows on the page. (Click description)

It starts with knowing how to link a picture preview, if you know how to do that, you’re on your way here, if not, it’s handy to know how to do this.

You copy/paste the URL address when you right click your mouse, on Properties, get it all and paste it onto your Edit work page. Then you place a ! at the front and back of this. That gives you a picture to start.

To link an address you now copy/paste the www. address in the top bar of the Windows screen. Copy it and paste it next to the picture URL link that has a ! at both ends of that. In between the two, you need to put a :

That gives you a picture link, you can add preview pictures to your art page and link them to another web address, so you have multiple art with links on your art pages.

! picture URL ! : website address – no spaces

To make the banners is pretty much the same but you need to make the banner yourself, download it to the internet and then use it as the picture.

Find a suitable picture then crop it something like the rectangle shapes above, you can get fiddly and make it smaller so it might fit better on other types of pages but this is fine for your art pages. The size here for the middle Card one is just a cropped photo at 2500×600.

Save your cropped photo as usual and then add your text, I framed it in Picasa with Museum Matte frame, save it again, then download it to any website so it gets a URL.

Download the banner if you like as an artwork to Red Bubble and tick the ‘Hide this work from the public’ box – when the Edit page comes up after you have downloaded it – you can right click THAT image to copy paste it again, it will have a URL address, it will not say gif. It will say http:// etc.

So you have your banner downloaded and you have it held on copy, ready to paste onto any work page you want.
Link your Macro Collections page to the banner in the way I showed you above.
That is: ! picture!:web address (for macro collection) – no spaces.

If you click any of my 3 banners above they will take you to that Collection. See how you go, if you have any questions just ask me, have fun!!

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PPS: Byron has posted a link to a Red Bubble Tools & Tips Index Page and this is another one for Red Bubble Tutorials on Photoshop

Vanessa :O)


    BYRONalmost 4 years ago

    Awesome, Vanessa!

    A link to this tutorials has been added to the REDBUBBLE TUTORIALS LLIBRARY GROUP REDBUBBLE TOOLS & TIPS Index Page

  • Yeah, thanks so much Byron, I am yet to add to the Tutorial groups as well, happy to be helpful! :O)

    – Vanessa Barklay

  • Evita
    Evitaalmost 4 years ago

    Fantastic Vanessa!!!! Thank you !!! ☺♥

  • My pleasure Evita, the banners are fun to link I think! :O)

    – Vanessa Barklay

  • michellerena
    michellerenaalmost 4 years ago

    Thanks for that Vanessa, will have to take a look

  • Thanks Michelle, hope it’s useful! :O)

    – Vanessa Barklay

  • AndreaEL
    AndreaELalmost 4 years ago

    Thank you Vanessa for sharing this, wonderful idea. I will take a look

  • Thanks for enjoying it Andrea! :O)

    – Vanessa Barklay

  • Madalena Lobao-Tello
    Madalena Lobao...about 3 years ago

    Thank you so much!!
    This is a great help for me!!

  • Thanks for checking it out Madalena! :O)

    – Vanessa Barklay

  • Dani Gee Phokus & [x]Pose
    Dani Gee Phoku...about 2 years ago

    Hi there, I’m a noob to this site and I can’t get this work. =( I used to HTML format my entire MySpace back in the day, complete with background, music, etc. but I’m stumped here. Followed your instructions – looks pretty simple – and all I get is a “!”. I’m trying to add a JPG into my public profile but no such luck. <sigh> Put the URL of the JPG with a ! in front and behind, no spaces. Can someone point this dufus in the right direction? =) Thx much!!

  • Hi Dani, Sorry for my delay in replying, maybe you have it figured out now, if not, what you say is right – the URL of the picture image, then a ! in front and behind, no spaces. On Red Bubble you need to use an image that is not the main image, this does not show – get a picture on your screen of a card or something and try and copy that URL…
    I go to Poster, then right click, get the URL from properties box, then paste here…
    I put an exclamation in front and behind, no spaces…then get this:

    Good Luck, let me know how you go!

    – Vanessa Barklay

  • That’s just for a picture to show – you can link it to another webpage as the instructions above, if you get the picture working :O)

    – Vanessa Barklay

  • OK Dani, I see you have pictures on your page – so now when you go to edit your profile page – next to the picture URL you have already with ! front and back put this :webpage url
    You can then click the picture to be taken to the webpage, which is what this tutorial is about, sorry I thought you couldn’t get a picture up at first.

    – Vanessa Barklay

  • Dani Gee Phokus & [x]Pose
    Dani Gee Phoku...about 2 years ago

    Thanks, Vanessa for your visit to my profile, PLUS the faves and comments! =) When I posted here I had nothing on my intro but then fiddled and researched some more until it worked. =P One problem was some tutorial putting an extra “!” where it doesn’t go. =) Anyway, it’s all fine now, I’ve got pics, links, a counter and even a youtube video. =D Thx again.

  • spacejelly
    spacejellyalmost 2 years ago

    Great tips, thanks very much!

  • Thanks a lot Rachel, I’m glad you let me know! :O)

    – Vanessa Barklay