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Thrust from cosmic indifference some 40 years past I have been on a path of self destruction, with occasional pauses for inner reflection, ever since.

Physically, I am tall muscular, blond and blueyed, oops, no wait, sorry, thats my gonnagettadate.com persona.

Physically, I have the appearance of an under inflated beach ball left outside to blister under an unrelenting sun….bugger, thats my self image, here I’ll start again.

I have arrived at this place/space after a lifetime of doin’ stuff I thought I should be doing rather than that which I really wanted to do. However having had enough of that caper I have decided to spend whatever time I have left in this innings throwing caution to the wind and persuing my dreams, which, at the moment are to write , play music and fill my lungs with the pungent odour of a rosey life.

My hobbies/pleasures are drumming, playing guitar, photography, writing and decoupaging roadkill. I also enjoy early morning bike rides through the Adelaide Hills, which is when I find some of my greatest inspirations (including some magnificent decoupage subjects).

I stumbled upon theis site this morning and decided, in the great tradition of caution throwing, to sign up and expose myself, well my art anyway, to like minded peoples of the www. I mean, what have I got to lose right? It is the web after all, that voluminous and anonymous cloud where anyone could be, well…..anyone.

At the very least the experience should be carthartic.

So, here it goes, please be gentle, be nice but above all be honest.

  • Joined: February 2008


Nirvana in Nirvana

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Wow, how profound, whoever came up with that one was well on their way to enlightenment and a front row seat in Nirvana. / I wonder what its like, you know, in Nirvana, wonder if they play any Nirvana there. Wouldn’t that be great, just floating around being at peace with everything, feeling the love ‘n’ stuff, all the while getti…
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Having made my “new begining” I was struck with fear and remorse. / “what have I done” / “why did I do it” / “Oh Jesuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussss nooooooooooooooooooooo” / I felt a fool, as I have so many times before when I have attempted to find, let alone, express, the real me. / Just as a nerve, laid bare after the skin is cut, is sensitive to the slight…
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A New Beginning

Ha, new beginning, is there any other, I mean, its not like you can have an old beginning, is there? What about a re-beginning, somethng where you began something, stopped then started again, a restart. No not the same, a beginnig is a first, because once you’ve begun something thats it it, youre on your way, you’ve taken the first step in what ever direction you are going, or, think …
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