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Life is so exciting

Don’t you find life as exciting as I do. I have been retired for almost 7 years now. At the end of my retirement I studied Photography under New York Institute of Photography, via correspondence. Thus leading to a new and fantastic career.

I worked weddings, portraits, seniors, family reunions and, guess, music events.

I’ve taken my musical instruments and turned them in to cute cartoons for you to enjoy and wear on your t-shirts. There is a need for more musical instruments on t-shirts. If any of you have a hobby and no one to display your hobby (like music or photography) let me know and I will be glad to get with you and help you in this matter.

I’ve been so blessed that our Lord has given me such a good life. I get up every day and say “Today is the first day of the rest of my life.”

Sure I get down but I go to my Father in prayer and work with HIM to get me through Rough spots. Sometimes I get worried over current events but I know the end of the Book. I know that Jesus came to earth, lived, died and rose again so that I can be a part of His kingdom after death.

I know when I wake up every morning I think of my Redbubble site and what I can do to make your lives better along with mine.

God bless.

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