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Today, I began a new way of living...and doing, going, and doing...

Perhaps by finding this group, or perhaps I’ve become tired of the same way of living. I needed to reinvent my life style, thinking and ways, of not moving quicker than waking up an realizing, I’m always going to bed again… but that’s okay, cause I’m a “closet insomniac” running on bed around the same time, then up in a state of restless arouse around 4:30 am… and lost in thought on what to do, what to do, then onto editing my self and writings… but, if I manage to bore myself back to sleep… I risk getting a better sleep than before… so live to a jolly jingle of “back to bed again” BUt now I’m off… there’s loads to do today, but I’m here, so once again, it’s too hot and sunny outside for Autumn weather while I began a new way of getting my buttt out of the house quick while thinking… of living… and here I am, there you are… but I am “Diabolically” there to be discovered by everyone that looks and they shall find..

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