It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.

Chris Clark

Chris Clark

Kirknewton, United Kingdom

What am I?

I am a breed of dog which:

Has evolved over hundreds of years to become what I am

Is very intelligent and can think for myself

Is full of vitality and stamina and I can cover a distance of 60-100 miles per day in pursuit of my duties

Has been bred to have outstanding qualities and strong herding instinct

Lives to work

Has been bred with an inner sensitivity

Can work 2-3 miles away from my master without command using only my initiative

If not given a task to do could become a problem through boredom and frustration

Can anticipate movement of livestock before my master

Can react like a flash of lightning in an instant

The Queens Physician Dr John Caeus referred to my type of dog when he wrote “treatise to an englishe doggess” in 1570 where he describes my work as answering his master voice or whistle to bring the sheep

Was frequently mentioned in and around the 1700’s as being used by the shepherds in the border regions of Scotland, England and Wales

I ask you the question once again, What am I?

If you understand the answers to the question, What am I?, you will know what I am and you will understand my breed, to which the answer is of course

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