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My SOLO EXHIBITION from Monday 21st June to 27th June 2010. All are invited.

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RAKESH SYAL is a recognized and award-winning photographer from Ludhiana, Punjab, India, a “Fellow” of India’s prestigious India International Photographic Council (“IIPC”), and is considered a mentor by many, especially in his native India.

At the top of IIPC’s Who’s Who list for many years, Syal is now giving master classes. His sense of aesthetics impeccable, Syal is a consistent contributor to the Solo Exhibition gallery on RedBubble. He has been featured in Inside Solo magazine on more than one occasion, where his “TOILING HANDS” was the first cover.

Solo Exhibition is proud to feature works from the photography portfolio of Rakesh Syal, on RedBubble, in the group’s forum, June 21 – 27, 2010, Monday through Sunday. You are invited to a reception for the Photographer, on Monday, June 21st

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