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My mom, who was a professional photographer in the 50’s and 60’s, gave me my first camera when I was 12. She died two years later and I ended up teaching myself about photography and learning as I went. If I had known where my passions would ultimately lie, I would have paid more attention to her in the darkroom! I graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Seattle in portrait and event photography program, but don’t do much of either right now.

I resisted digital for a long time, but now I love the instant gratification and easy deletion aspect of it. I still like the challenge of making the picture happen through the viewfinder and I don’t do extreme digital manipulation—mostly just what I would have done in the dark room or with the spotting brush, but I can appreciate what photoshopping offers and am starting to learn and practice more. I believe, though, that at a certain point with digital manipulation, it stops being photography and starts being digital art. I will never change the color of a sunset, for instance. It kind of defeats the whole point of seeing a wonderful sunset. I shoot mostly with a Nikon D90 and an old Sony, but have a small Fuji that goes everywhere with me. I’m hoping to get one of the “big guns” (D700 maybe?) someday.

I love the way photography has taught me to view the world and I enjoy shooting things that generally get overlooked by people. I keep my work varied but quite simple, just shooting what I see, as I see it. My goal is to bring attention to the beauty that is all around us. I hope you enjoy my images.

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