Bloggers’ Bliss — See our streetwear come to life

RainbowDesign is me – Hilly – and my husband Tony.
We are a husband and wife team who have been painting and drawing for over three decades. Our work consists of paintings in oils, watercolors and airbrush art as well as pencil drawings.
In 2001 our son got me interested in computers. Since then I have learnt to design our websites (five up until now). and I also enjoy dabbling in digital and graphic art.
The last two years my time has mostly been taken up by setting up several online ventures to show our art to a wide range of people all over the globe, and hopefully sell some reproductions.
This is the latest of our places on the www, we hope you enjoy our efforts to capture our dreams on paper and canvas.

You can find the portal to all of our online ventures at
T-Shirt Total , our very own “Shopping Mall” for apparel and lots more.

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