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Ulster Folk Museum, Cultra, Northern Ireland [digital capture]


Calke Abbey, Derbyshire [digital capture]


Cultra Northern Ireland [negative]


Bristol England [negative]


Nice France [negative]


Castlewellan Northern Ireland [negative]


Killyleagh Northern Ireland [negative]


Caen France [negative]


Holywood Northern Ireland [negative]


Strangford Lough Northern Ireland

Insight into an Image #1 Miller Lite

Insight behind the image.: Miller lite…

It was eight years ago, an August bank holiday Monday, just before three o’clock in the afternoon;

It was only a very basic early digital compact camera, with a maximum file size of just 1002.9KB (1026922 Bytes); tiny in comparison with some of today’s cameras.

It doesn’t work any more; it is nothing compared to today’s digital offerings; but it hadn’t cost me anything, …. and to be honest although I’ll never capture anything with it again.

It had its limitations, but I’ll never throw it out ~ it’s in my sock drawer, and will remain there. Simple reason it enabled me not only to capture some significant images on my journey through photography, and in doing so taught me a little bit more about the place of digital photography in the grand scheme of

Ragman says (thoughts from the ragman) #2

Open your mind, eye and soul
Put them on the same axis
Then you have a line of communication
For your art
That will reach from you the artist
To those ~ the viewer and receiver
Then your medium becomes alive
As a tool for reaching others

Then and only then you can achieve
The contemplative vision
The communicative image
The creative connection
The completed circle

The key to all this
is clarity

Just a few more steps [click on image to view ]

Ragman says (thoughts from the ragman) #1

In making a photographic capture, the simple bit is pressing the shutter; but knowing as to whether it is the right time to do it is slightly more difficult;

The next step is a higher level ~ knowing what to include or what to exclude, and arrangement and order achieving a finer composition takes you there.

But rather more difficult is communicating what you see, and why you have recorded;
it is the critical point which raises you above the camera-man picture taker, into a photographic artist and story teller.

all art is art, but the true art surely lies when you get some applause or feedback which can extend an expression into an impression.

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On the Edge

On the edge

the cusp ~ the difference between light and dark #1

I have chosen a series of images which I have grouped together as being on the edge.

at a point where mystique and refinement are achieved

Rim lighting intrigues me as it provides a stark dark contrast to that which is usually seen, and let me be honest it’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. I feel either sets itself up as either instant reject or instant impact, depending on a particular viewer’s perspective.

Lighthouse Factor

I hope each sets a mood. I also hope that this inspires a few more people to have a go at it ~ as it is a bit lonely being on the edge.

Hook Hands

One word of warning if you are seeking this type of capture ~ when you are focusing on the cusp (the edge between dark and light) be careful not to look

50 Quotes from famous photographers as selected by ragman

50 Quotes from famous photographers as selected by ragman

Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.
Ansel Adams

It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.
Alfred Eisenstaedt

Everything is a subject. Every subject has a rhythm. To feel it is the raison d’etre. The photograph is a fixed moment of such a raison d’etre, which lives on in itself.
Andre Kertesz

I don’t get wrapped up in technique and the like.
Fay Godwin

There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment. This kind of photography is realism. But realism is not enough – there has to be vision, and the two together can make a good photograph
Robert Frank

A picture is the expression of an impression. If the beautiful were not in us, h

Why windmills make me wander (and wonder)

Molinos, Moulin, Windmills, this is just a little insight into why windmills make me wander (in my mind) and at the same time wonder. It has been for me a most wonderful wandering and an adventure and an affair. For me, windmills are about substance and structure, fantasy and culture, and in my way of viewing, alchemy and artistry a long way removed from the task of the daily grind.…

Windmill Blades Shadows

I have always been fascinated in windmills, definitely a boy thing and up there with castles and lighthouses. So ever since I was a young boy and close to where I was holidaying at a seaside resort with a working windmill. Now fifty years later I live in a village that used to have several windmills but sadly no more.

Ballycopeland Windmill

Mill Shadows

One of the things I reckon that

Just Who Is Ragman ~ and does he have a calendar for U

Yes Ragman does have a calendar for you

If you are into Dogs ~ then try It’s a dog’s life

If you look forward to travel and finding interesting places

Or a glimpse into Ragman’s world in his own home village

Another Northern Ireland calendar is Nowhere Like Northern Ireland

and then a glimpse back into what Northern Ireland was like one hundred years ago

So colour or monochrome, the choice is up to, or why not pick one of each, for home and work

So please have a look through all my eighteen calendars now available for 2010; and feedback would be appreciated


2010 calendars from ragman

It’s coming near Christmas and the end of the year ~ so what does that mean to you!?…

A new year, turning over a new leaf, a new decade, taking that old calendar off the wall and replacing it with:

THEN WHY NOT ~ a new 2010 calendar from Ragman
There are eighteen to choose from, so there’s bound to be one or two you’ll like ! ~ One for work, one for home :-

There are the classic black and white calendars, Ragman is renown for

and if you see an image in one that yo’d like see along with others in another calendar of mine, then bubblemail me and we can set up a custom calendar with twelve of your favourites and mine

So please feedback me and let me know what you’d like
(Oh and there are other calendars as well from Ireland, France, Lanzarote and the Czech Republic) ( and don’t forget th


IRISH EYES feature on all that JAZZ

It’s the world as seen through IRISH EYES

Alice McMahon White

Mary Ann Reilly

Alan McMorris


Rory Cobbe


Each month we have a feature theme six; this time with a musical / jazz theme.

Mirage Sax by blueguitarman
Once by Alice McMahon White
Paris Jazzbeat by ragman
Music by Alan McMorris
Piano Starts here by Mary Ann Reilly
Imelda May by Rory Cobbe

Also at the same time six Open Theme features were selected:

First Kiss by rustyoldtown
Greek church by Agnes McGuiness
Deep song by Michelle Walsh
Help me by Stephen Maxwell
Father’s Day by Samantha Lewandowski
The Ha’penny Bridge by oulgundog

Congratulations to all, and thank you to all our contributors
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With one hundred and f

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