Just Who Is Ragman ~ and does he have a calendar for U

Yes Ragman does have a calendar for you

If you are into Dogs ~ then try It’s a dog’s life

If you look forward to travel and finding interesting places

Or a glimpse into Ragman’s world in his own home village

Another Northern Ireland calendar is Nowhere Like Northern Ireland

and then a glimpse back into what Northern Ireland was like one hundred years ago

So colour or monochrome, the choice is up to, or why not pick one of each, for home and work

So please have a look through all my eighteen calendars now available for 2010; and feedback would be appreciated


2010 calendars from ragman

It’s coming near Christmas and the end of the year ~ so what does that mean to you!?

A new year, turning over a new leaf, a new decade, taking that old calendar off the wall and replacing it with:

THEN WHY NOT ~ a new 2010 calendar from Ragman
There are eighteen to choose from, so there’s bound to be one or two you’ll like ! ~ One for work, one for home :-

There are the classic black and white calendars, Ragman is renown for

and if you see an image in one that yo’d like see along with others in another calendar of mine, then bubblemail me and we can set up a custom calendar with twelve of your favourites and mine

So please feedback me and let me know what you’d like
(Oh and there are other calendars as well from Ireland, France, Lanzarote and the Czech R…


IRISH EYES feature on all that JAZZ

It’s the world as seen through IRISH EYES

Alice McMahon White

Mary Ann Reilly

Alan McMorris


Rory Cobbe


Each month we have a feature theme six; this time with a musical / jazz theme.

Mirage Sax by blueguitarman
Once by Alice McMahon White
Paris Jazzbeat by ragman
Music by Alan McMorris
Piano Starts here by Mary Ann Reilly
Imelda May by Rory Cobbe

Also at the same time six Open Theme features were selected:

First Kiss by rustyoldtown
Greek church by Agnes McGuiness
Deep song by Michelle Walsh
Help me by Stephen Maxwell
Father’s Day by Samantha Lewandowski
The Ha’penny Bridge by oulgundog

Congratulations to all, and thank you to all our contributors
Please click on the featured images, and send your message comments to them

With one hundred…


Recently I was honoured with yet another image featured on the Redbubble Home Page;which brings a total of fifteen attained at Redbubble: [please click on each image for further details]


Ulster Folk Museum, Cultra, Northern Ireland


Calke Abbey, Derbyshire


Cultra Northern Ireland [negative]


Bristol England [negative]


Nice France [negative]


Castlewellan Northern Ireland [negative]


Killyleagh Northern Ireland [negative]


Caen France [negative]


Holywood Northern Ireland [negative]


Strangford Lough Northern Ireland [negative]


Sintra Portugal …

The Ragman Awards

Every time we visit RedBubble we probably all select our favourites …….. but ragman at the end of each month will select a single image from a number of photographic artists and announce his ‘ones to watch’

July 2009 one’s to watch were:

1chick1 ~ warrior
so75 ~ untitled
juvenile A ~ “”
Jayne Logan ~ Avantgarde
Nordicsoul ~ Surrender
Jerri Johnson ~ je’taime
Cathy Middleton ~ Love
Marsub ~ Dragonslane
Melodee Miller ~ the end in detail

August 2009 one’s to watch were:

xnattyx ~ wishing on the clouds
Kasia d ~ Light on the Past
Debbie Black ~ Sandal Season
goodluckserrano ~ like an old dream script
Silvia Ganora ~ shadows all around you
James Coard ~ aurora
Elizarose ~ fountain
ErinG ~ dream man
Gail Anderson ~ crossing

An eye for a Picture # 10 *Creative Connection*

10 Creative Connection:

In the context of this discourse may I first of all state that I do believe that there is little distinction between creativity and connectivity. Dorothea Lange believed that the good photograph is not the object; the consequences of the photograph are the objects. Everything has a source and a process and a consequence. The source, what you start out with; the process is the connection (between the view you captured and the image you produce). It is your creative contribution and I perceive the key to creativity as;

~ Vision,

Without vision there is no photography

~ Inspiration,

Without inspiration there is no passion

~ Passion,

Without passion there is no dynamic

~ Construction

Without construction there is no structure

~ Attention

Without attention there i…

An eye for a Picture #9 *Camera & Computer*

9 Camera & Computer:

In this section I include a little about my camera and my equipment. I would however stress the type, value, brand of equipment is not important.

I have two cameras ~ a good one and a real one. My good one is a Nikon D300, and it is a seriously good one. I started with an F2, an F2AS then progressed through various F2 models to the F3 (which I never really felt at home with), then on to a brace of F4s. 9 one for colour slides and the other for black and white film.

Lens wise, I started with two lenses a 50mm, and an 80-200mm. I used the 80-200mm for the start, but when I really wanted to learn about photography and the characteristics of a lens, I decided to use the 50mm to get to know it. After a few years, I moved on to a 35mm and this was my staple …

An eye for a Picture #8 *Canvas*

8 Canvas:

Firstly let me note with some distinction that the word canvas is derived from the Latin word for cannabis – as hemp was popularly used to make canvas. Perhaps that indicates something about the addiction we find photography to be.

Canvas is an extremely heavy-duty plain-woven fabric used for making sails, tents, marquees, backpacks, and other functions where sturdiness is required. It is also on fashion handbags and shoes and popularly used as a painting surface, typically stretched and as the surface for application.

All photographs are the result of a canvas, not a camera. Edward Steichen believed every photograph to be a portrait, and firmly insisted that a portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.

I just like the term canvas, as it stretches and solidi…

An eye for a Picture #7 *Chance*

7 Chance:

Not many photographers teachers ever refer to this, and I am surprised that they don’t, instead they seem to put good photography down to genius and planning; but rather I believe good photography comes about through coming upon a good chance and turning it into an opportunity. Chance commonly refers to: Probability, Luck, Randomness, Contingency, and Chance (an Ancient Greek concept)

Ancient Greek philosophy had two concepts of chance, both causes of effects that happen incidentally, but differentiated in the second book of Aristotle’s Physics as follows: Tyche (or “luck”) operates in the mind; Automaton (or “chance”) operates in the realm of nature.

To many earlier Greek philosophers chance did not exist. One of the surviving fragments …

An eye for a Picture #6 *Capture*

6 Capture:

A fellow Redbubbler in response to one of my posted images asked ~ How do you do it? How, do you manage to weave such amazing images from the most unpromising and mundane ingredients? My reply ~ I simply use my eyes, and always strive to be creative with what I am given.

This is why I was given the tag / name by a fellow photographic artist; a Dutch woman; and why I now use the name Ragman; with the idea of one who picks up the rags, those things which others have overlooked, disgarded, or find no use for; and hopefully use my creativity to produce some riches.

Capturing or creating, which? ~ was a question recently asked in Amateur Photography magazine I was most interested in some of the responses:-

‘For me it is create. Photography, obviously, in itself is to capture t

An eye for a Picture #5 *Composition*

5 Composition:

Composition is the artistic means of leading the viewer through your photograph and holding the viewer’s attention sufficiently long enough there until they get your message. Note that the technique of composition derives its importance from the way that the eye and the brain work together to see the world.

Photographers when buying a new camera are often preoccupied with learning all its various features and controls and certainly this is important in obtaining correctly exposed images and an appropriate depth of field. However, once the basic operation of the camera is mastered, one needs to direct their attention to seeing and composing effective images.

Ansel Adams used to say “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” A…

An eye for a Picture #4 *Constructs*

4: Constructs:

The most important construct is light with its idiosyncrasies, nuances, timing and effect. The concept of light is applied to stimuli that affect the sense of vision, i.e., it allows us to see things!

It is used to form, build, compose, create, structure, put together i.e. in b/w – shadow detail, mid-tones and highlights. The subjects, the scenes, the studies, the scenarios we work from are to say the least simple, common, ordinary. How we see them depends on light, how we as an artist turn them from the ordinary into the extraordinary is simply that little bit extra. It is the connectivity, the translation, the interpretation that we make or create.

Light travels in straight lines which we often refer to as rays of light. Our evidence for light travelling in strai…

An eye for a Picture #3 *Content*


The scope of photography is vast, many sectors, even greater segments, indeed myriad subject matter. One thing in life I have learned is don’t try to be all things to all men, but rather understand where you are best placed, or can provide a unique slant or insight; therefore you become specific, and start being a specialist.

That specialism process will start by divergence, and finish up with convergence. Firstly we go out wide to gather (diverge) and we cover a lot of ground subject wise, experimenting and gaining experience and gathering information.

We will then through this process find out what we like and can contribute and can comment on, and eventually will lead us to concentrate on a set area or dimension (convergence).

Content is as much to do with substance as it is…

An eye for a Picture #2 *Context*


The meaning or message behind the image, applying a narrative ~ what are we conveying. Storytelling comes about never by the mere usage of words, but rather by resonance, emphasis and expression.

Context has it’s etymology in the Middle English, the weaving together of words, but it is also worth noting from the Latin contextus, meaning a connection of words, coherence, from contexere to weave together.

Thus as far as images are concerned I derive from that we should be about a sense of weaving together and of a coherent connection. Now that is a challenge in many of the images I view on Redbubble and elsewhere.

Storytelling an ancient art of conveying events in words, images, and sounds often by improvising or embellishment, fits in well I believe with the art of photogr…

An eye for a Picture #1 *Concept*


An Eye For a Picture:

For me my photography is based on the four x I’s =
Idea >
Image >
Inspiration >

The idea is concerned with originality and uniqueness, a unique angle on an event, scene or subject. Take the everyday common scene or subject on, but study it and ask yourself, what have I added or contributed to this capture. Don’t be content with mere content, you progress from being the photographer or taker, to becoming the photographic artist or maker; for the image to cease being seen as a picture, but instead recognised as a craft ~ the photographer’s craft.

The image is a two dimensional concept. In reality it is reflection. A volatile image is one that exists only for a short period of time, as for example a reflection of an object by a mirror. You do…

Wonder of Woolworths

How many of us took photographs of Woolies ?

I’m a bit concerned, we have just lost part of our high street, something we all passed by, or even went into.

We’re supposed to be photographers

How many of us photographed our local store

About twenty odd years ago I took a single photograph of something I heard might be coming down for redevelopment. I still have the negative; and a print on my wall, the only one. I took a decision not to publish it for twenty-five years, then people would say ~ I remember that.

Woolworths ~ thanks for the memories ~ sorry we didn’t make enough purchases ~ or make any photographic records of our history and culture


Targets, objectives and resolutions for our NLNI in 2009


Targets, objectives and resolutions for our group in 2009

Firstly we currently are sitting with a membership of 61; what I would like to see is us setting a target of 75 by the end of the quarter ~ Jan, Feb, March. That’s thirteen weeks to get fourteen members ~ just one a week. Can we achieve that !?
BTW I should like to believe we can reach 100 by the end of 2009.

Any ideas how we can achieve that objective ?

Second target is to get some NLNI images featured on Art page and Home Page

Any ideas how we can achieve that objective ?

Thirdly I would like to see us actively going out and recording and reporting on events in our wee land.

Any ideas how we can achieve that objective ?

Fourthly, we need to have more varied and original images posted !

Any ideas how we can achieve …

New challenges for 2009

Advance notice of future 2009 New Year Challenges

The Nowhere Like Northern Ireland group
would like you to think and plan for next year’s challenges

1: Anticipating a wintry touch of frost, ice, snow or chill
Our winter challenge for Dec Jan Feb will be:
COOL GREEN ~ a touch of the cold stuff

So if you have a mindset of putting your camera away over winter, think again, as this hopefully will encourage you to wrap up, and get out on a cold winter’s day.

You don’t have to go far with this challenge, and certainly the wintry touch can be pretty to view.

2: SNAPSHOT ~ County Challenge ~ January 2009

A: Post an image informing us about something unique about a place or event or landmark in your part of the world (but it must be within your county)

B: You must include at least a paragraph…

Revision of rules for NLNI

Revision of rules:

It has been a long time since we revised our rules. Please note certain rules changes which come into effect from 6th January 2009. The rules are purposed to ensure fresh and regular and varied entries from all our members.

1: All images must be high quality and designed to showcase our beautiful part of the world.

2: Images must be taken within Northern Ireland’s six counties – Fermanagh, Armagh, Tyrone, Derry/Londonderry, Antrim and Down.

3: It would be helpful for locals and visitors alike if you could state in image descriptions where it was taken!

4: The group welcomes images of places, characters, events and objects from N.I.

5: Please try to provide original images; as images that are similar to earlier posts will no longer be accepted.

6: Please limit your post…

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait