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Just a guy who likes to sketch in my spare time.

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New Work up!

So I’ve been doing a video game centric podcast with my friends for just over a year today, and have decided to make a logo for us and make a few versions of it available for ya’ll if you so choose. If you want to check it out, we’re on itunes, just search for “No Save Points Podcast.”
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Holiday Thanks!

Wow, December was a great month for me and I owe it all to everyone who bought my stuff! Thanks to you I was able to get a couple extra gifts for someone special! So thanks a lot for the support! Hope this new year treats you all well! / -RG
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iPhone Cases

This is pretty exciting, however due to the nature of the process they require backgrounds and/or background colours so they don’t really fit well for all of my current designs as I wanted to leave the background colour choice up to the purchaser, hence why they work better as clothing. However, I will be playing with some colour options on some of the designs and see how they turn out and …
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Extra info and stuff

I decided to make my designs available for kids stuff as some friends of mine expressed interest in getting some of them for their kids/grandkids. So yay! / Also on a related note; since I don’t have the funds to purchase all of my designs if a shirt design looks odd and you feel the need to get a refund from redbubble, please by all means let me know so that I can fix it so it doesn’…
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