Peg almost home

My friend Peg was in Cairo Egypt this past week and just got out yesterday to Athens and then Amsterdam…she is on her way to Los Angeles right now and should arrive around 12:00 today. I’m so glad she was able to make it out.

My Friend Peg is in Cairo Egypt!!!!!!

I have a really close friend Peg Purkey that went on a vacation to see Egypt with a Christian group and with her friend Linda. They were going to see sights that related to biblical teachings. Their first stop was Cairo!! About a day later Cairo was in chaos.

Well they are held up in a hotel, but were able to send me a few text messages..they were told they had a flight out at 11:30am on the 2nd of February…They have to stay there another few days…News states that the airport is pack with people trying to get out.

They and many others need some prayers, mantras, warm fuzzies, or anything positive sent their way. Let’s hope everyone is home safe as soon as possible.

I will post updated information as soon as I can.


My photo James 03 was featured in Tattoo, Piercing, and Body Modification. YES!!! I’ve really been wanting to get featured in this group…Thank you so much..Renee

Basic Training

Well my son Elliot is starting Basic Training today. He was in the processing part of the Army for a week and a half. I probably won’t hear from him for awhile. This is the hard part for me…but I’ll make it and so will he.

I Recieved a Call

My son called me last night to let me know he is okay. He is still in the reception part of the Army, and will start Basic next week. He was able to buy some laundry soap to do his laundry. He said he turned his socks inside out to get rid of the “sock fuzzies”. :)) I thought that was cute.

He is doing well and feels confident that he can do this…meaning Basic Training and the Army. Let’s hope that he won’t be ridiculed too much while in Basic Training. I’m so grateful for cell phones. He is allowed to keep his at this time and so he can call me.

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes from everyone on RedBubble…I really appreciate it.

Elliot's First Contact From Army

I just got a call from my son who just went into the Army a few days ago. He was able to call me because they are still being processed. He arrived at Fort Knox Kentucky this past Thursday night. He said it’s so cold there and snowing. We live in California and the coldest it gets here is about 30 degrees, but not to often.

He is hanging in there, but he said he is bored. He is looking forward to boot camp….never thought I’d hear him say that.

It was nice to hear from him so soon. Thanks to all of you that are keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.


He Made It

My son joined the Army. He was suppose to arrive at Fort Knox Kentucky yesterday, but had another day in LA…but he posted on Facebook that he arrived safely and is now headed for boot camp.

I was surprised that he could post on Facebook, but was relieved to hear he made it safely.

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes, and I will update my journal when I hear news about him.


I just wanted to let everyone know that my son, Elliot, is probably just arriving at Fort Knox Tennessee right now to serve in the Army….please send good wishes his way and maybe even for me, because I’m having a little difficultly with it. I’ll be glad when he is able to call or send a letter so I can see how he is doing. It’s the not knowing that is so hard…thanks everyone…Renee

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