My inspiration comes from everywhere.
My art carries no social message. I am not trying to change any minds. I only want to paint whatever I feel.
I love the language of music. The way notes link together, and I try to apply the colours using the same language, just like the notes that shape the music.
I hope and pray that I will always desire more than I can accomplish.


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Homage to Jacqueline Du—Pre / Thank you on honoured me by buying me art work. / Respectfully, / Rachel
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Happy New-Year to all

Dear RB Members / I wish you Health… / So you may enjoy each day in comfort. / I wish you the Love of friends and family… / And Peace within your heart. / I wish you the Beauty of nature… / That you may enjoy the work of God. / I wish you Wisdom to choose priorities… / For those things that really matter in life. / I wish you Generousity so you may share… / All good …
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I am grateful for being honoured…….:) / HERE
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Thank you dear buyer

Dear Buyer, / Thank you so much for choosing this photograph. / Kindly, / Rachel
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