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I’ve always been mad about photography as a way to both capture the beauty of the world and to express yourself. Recently I’ve discovered just how much I enjoy taking photos of people – gasp! But I’ll always enjoy capturing a flower, a sunset/sunrise, a bird (slightly mad about birds…) or a combination of all of the above if I can manage it :)

I’m mum of 2 toddlers, have a uni degree I don’t use at the moment (Ecology & Environmental Science), and can’t wait to retire so hubby & I can travel around Australia (though it’s a looooong way off!). I bellydance & sing & am starting to get into semi-professional portrait photography.

I also have a flickr site under the name of Pink Thistle :)

I’m using…

a Nikon D70
18-70mm lens
105mm lens
70-300mm lens
Nikon Speedlight off-camera flash (just learning about this one..)
Manfrotto tripod

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