Hobbies include Seal clubbing (in season) and Dwarf throwing (out of season) and watching the Black and White minstrel show on DVD.
In my spare time i pick up rubbish along roadside verges to relax.
I also enjoy champagne comedy on a cordial budget.
If you see me in the street, say hi, I am 6’3’’…you can’t miss me.

T interests;
motorcycles, architectural, industrial, vectors, type.

This guy’s photographs are OK – i suppose – but need more people in them.

  • Age: 111
  • Joined: August 2007


Philip Island Moto GP

Guys, only a couple of weeks till the Australian Moto GP at the Island. / How about a T of Rossi to show your support. I have a couple for sale that i have illustrated from the many pictures taken over the years. Check them out and order now to receive before the big race. I may even see you down there, i will be wearing these
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Johnny says....

I will be wearing my black T with the saying / “I’ll stay as long as my party wants me” with great glee / as Johnny has again trotted out this tired old line last / night on Lateline. Get your favourite election cliche on a / Tshirt and have some fun this election!
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Forget Kevin 07

Kevin07 is fairly bland. / Come to rabble and get / some political satire into the campaign. / Art & Politics usually don’t mix / but that all changes during an election. / Wear some satire this election. / New designs continually being added.
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Election time..

Mr Speaker / I advocate fiscal responsibility and an end to pork barreling, / to stay as long as my party wants me and at the end of the / day serve the party in whatever capacity they desire. / Any recalcitrant’s will soon come to understand there is a / new force in Australian politics, a new beginning… / Vote 1 Rabble at the upcoming election / and bring back the political slog…
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