A Nightmare on Elm Street - Entity. (extract from Chapter 1)

A few streets down a kid ran for his life. He screamed at the top of his voice, but no one heard, no would hear him, ‘HELP!’
The boy of around sixteen ran and ran. His breathing was heavy and his breath formed a mist in the cold night air.
Night? It had not been night when the kid had started running, but that was ten minutes ago, he thought. He kept turning to check that he was not being followed. And even though there was no one there he knew that someone was watching him, lurking in every shadow. He stayed in the light of the street lamps, hoping that he could get a glimpse of whatever it was he was running from.
Running? From what? He asked himself.
What was it that he had been so frightened of to make him run from it? He did not know and did not want to find out.
He stopped under one of the lamps and lent on its pole to catch his breath.
That’s when he heard the explosion of glass. He spun round. The first explosion was suddenly followed by a second and another after that as one by one the lamps started to shatter. It was as if something unseen was making its way towards him.
That’s when he remembered, a man. But it wasn’t a man; it was like a demon, something out of a horror movie. The thing wore a fedora and what looked like blades on his fingertips. That’s what the boy had been running from. He remembered now, but what sent shivers running up his spine was the name. That name that many had feared. He thought of it only to be a story. Something that the adults told their kids to make them go to bed. But that’s when he remembered something else, it was not told as a story as a friend of his had told him, because if the kids feared this disfigured form then he would come for them. The name came like a hit to the ribs, Freddy Krueger. He must be dreaming. And he knew that from what he had been told he would not wake from this dream.
The last bulb exploded above his head, snapping him out of his thoughts and he was thrown into darkness.
He tried to silence his heavy breathing. He cupped one hand to his mouth and then his other over that.
He was so scared now that he did not move from where he was stood. Then he realised, he could not move because he was scared, he could not move because it was as if something had rooted him to the spot, holding him in place.
The lamp above him suddenly lit up. Red light shone down on him. He was able to move his head to look down at the rest of him. His legs were being held. His trousers were being pushed tight to his legs but whatever it was it was not visible.
He snapped his head up at a sudden sound of metal scrapping past metal. There in the shadows stood a figure.
The kid tried to yell out but nothing came. Then the figure started moving, making its way towards him. He tried with all his might to turn and run but to no avail.
As he turned back to his horror the figure now stood towering above him. Looking up he saw the figure fully now, the reformed flesh or burnt tissue which made up the face and the exposed left hand. The red and green striped sweater was worn, its edges frayed.
When the figure spoke his voice was low, ‘I much prefer the girls, but you’ll have to do for now.’
He thrust his head back and let out a laugh. It echoed all around.
The kid mouthed It’s only a dream. It’s only a dream.
The boy suddenly came face to face with the demons head, his eyes were dark with thick veins running across their surface ending half way across the pale irises. It was unreal but as the kid knew, this was real.
He could smell the burnt flesh and when the demon spoke again he felt the warm breath and smelt its decay, ‘This isn’t a dream. But I guess you already know that, don’t you?’
The boy managed a slight nod and the demon grinned showing yellow jagged and broken teeth, ‘And I think you know what’s coming next.’
He raised his right hand the blades opened out. The move was so sudden that the kid barely realised what was happening until the blades penetrated his stomach. Warm blood rushed out of the four holes. The demon yanked upwards, ripping the kid’s chest clean open. His insides spilled out onto the ground. His blood darkened the already red floor from the light above and he was thrust into permanent darkness.

A Nightmare on Elm Street - Entity. (extract from Chapter 1)

Caroline Smalley

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Extract from Chapter 1 of a fan based novel.

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