my name is Anna Mohela, I´m 24 and currently studiing physics in Münster(Germany). I´ve been drawing and painting as far as I can remember. The motives and quality did change with the time, there where long periods when I didn´t paint at all, but somehow I always come back to pencil and paper(or brush and canvas). It´s kind of a natural indicator for my general condition:) When I´m all right I paint, when I do not paint long time there is something to be changed:)

My other passion except art are horses. Actually I´m lucky to own one, as far as it can be said about such a personality like Felina. If you´d ask her, she would probably say she employs me as a servant and personal entertainer:) In my portfolio you can find some pintures of her.

My works can also be found at www.worldvisions.webs.com , some of the originals are for sale, so if you like one especially just ask. (The point is, I just can´t keep them all:) I´m also taking commissions.

Here is one very interesting site of my friend, who is, like me, studiing physics:

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