Born, went to school, went to further education college and have worked non-stop as a secretary ever since!

I dabble with photography (but I’m not very good at it), fractals and 3D stuff (and I’m not really much good with them, either!). However, I enjoy creating things which please my eyes and am always delighted when others like what I’ve created too.

I’m always grateful for constructive criticism so please feel free to comment.

If you’d like to buy anything from my site, I won’t complain. If something isn’t available in the dimensions you’re looking for, please send me a message and I’ll see if I can sort something out.

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Been absent for too long

I must try to upload here more often, and to keep an eye on other people’s art. Real life keeps intervening.
Posted about 5 years – 3 comments

I've lost my mojo ...

… and inspiration just isn’t working for me at the moment. I will get it back – I hope! I don’t like not being creative. / Watch this space :-)
Posted over 5 years – 3 comments

Haven't been very active here lately

I’ve been spending so much time tied to a PC at work that I’m trying not to find myself in the same position in my leisure time. / I will start exploring RB again in the fullness of time. In the meantime, many thanks to all who visit, fave and comment.
Posted almost 6 years – 2 comments

Somebody's bought one of my t-shirts ...

… and it’s the first item I’ve ever sold. / Is there any way of finding out who the purchaser is? I’d love to give them a big hug.
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