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The Miraculous Art Manifesto

The Miraculous Art Manifesto

The purpose of Miraculous Art is to transform “everyday” and/or mundane objects and experiences (people, with respect, can be included) into miraculous objects and experiences in recognition that this is indeed their true/truer nature and our true/truer conception of them. Miraculous Art is offered as part of the liberation from constriction, dreariness and lack. It also tends to be fun. You are invited to join in celebrating the liberation.

The liberation from limitation that is capable of being achieved through creating and participating in Miraculous Art may or may not be permanent. In any case the measurement of success of Miraculous Art will be the witnessing of its participants.

Miraculous Art is first and foremost an experience in-the-moment. The reverberations of this in-the-moment experience may express as continuity and follow-through activity, which can be included in the artwork over time.

Miraculous Art is conceived as being created primarily with a group although – of course – Miraculous Art could always be an individual experience.
Miraculous Art holds that everyday elements and experiences can be experienced naturally and easily as miraculous i.e. as objects of art that inspire wonder, awe or other feelings, insights gestalts etc. The intention of Miraculous Art is for people to be able to achieve this within a group dynamic.

The traditional idea of an audience residing out there, as a consumer of art is primarily done away with. The consumer is not entirely excluded however, for consumers may be included in the artwork either after the fact – eg viewing the creation on a video or by viewing during the creation. Such second hand viewing is entirely incidental and not in any way essential. Therefore Miraculous Art subverts the notion of the consumer. In keeping with quantum theory the viewer and the consumer can only be a participant.

The participants who are both audience and artist at the same time are the only ones able to primarily experience the actual artwork. The artwork itself is the group transformative conception of the everyday and/or the mundane. As such it is entirely unnecessary for a secondary group of viewers to be involved in the creation of the work. Therefore Miraculous Art subverts the notion of the artist as separate from the audience.

Minimum impact on the external environment is one of the principles of Miraculous Art. This discourages any form of artifice, decoration or any re-working of the setting other than that which exists in the moment. Any structure, setting, fabric, material or thing that existed in the planning stage that is not present in the manifesting stage should be left. Only the moment of engagement with the setting, environment or thing is relevant in the creation of the work. Therefore Miraculous Art is declared to be environmentally as well as ecologically sensitive.

Miraculous Art works may be joined by others by way of posting of feedback, documentary film or videos, creation of stories or texts and any other form of cultural codification and/or record keeping. In this way it is intended that the art form and the artworks of Miraculous Art can inspire and generate meaning and be in fact a force of evolution. Comments or generated meanings after the fact may become subject to editorial control by the artists. In this way it is given that offensive materials are not required of acceptance however neither it is it intended that freedom of speech or criticism be unduly restricted. These matters should be at the discretion of the primary artists. By the same token: no recordings of Miraculous Art should ever be used for unfriendly, aggressive, offensive, unsavoury or defamatory purposes. Miraculous Artworks should ideally promote Goodwill.

If the conditions stated in the manifesto are not met then it should be considered that the work is not part of the Miraculous Art movement so declared.

For Group projects, a Miraculous Art work must be created via group participation, organisation and in all likelihood workshop and rehearsal. This does not need to take a long time, possibly as little as fifteen minutes or half an hour preparation for simple projects. In order to create a Miraculous Artwork participants should be able to broadly agree on the proposition that the group will transform the everyday object into the miraculous. An individual who has trouble or great difficulty with this proposition of the “miraculous conception/perception” should out himself or herself as a non-participant of the artwork and cease to attempt further primary involvement. Exclusion of non-conceivers in the artwork is in no way meant to be harshly judgemental, neither is it encouraged that they blame themselves. It is simply that participation in conception and perception of Miraculous Art should be by those who are able to so perceive and conceive. In any case it will be found to be a natural and easy thing to for most people to participate.

Consider a simple example: Take an ordinary object in your current setting. It may be a desk lamp, a mobile phone or any other thing . . .a rock, a plant etc. Simply consider what makes the thing miraculous. Consider if it is a manufactured thing how much evolution of ideas, design and technology went into the present manifestation of that thing. Consider the miraculous-ness of the object. Hold this conception for a minute or so. Now . . .if you have done this, you have just created a Miraculous Artwork on you own. You can share that creation by posting it on RedBubble, a tweet, Facebook entry, putting it on YouTube or just writing it up in your journal. On the other hand you may prefer to keep it to yourself. By holding the object as miraculous it may be experienced that one’s outer experience, perception or physical involvement of or with the object is transformed.

The group creation of Miraculous Art will involve many more factors and of necessity be more complex than individual projects.

Thus ends the Miraculous Art Manifesto 1st draft (edited)

The Miraculous Art Manifesto


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