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lovely cute little swan by quackakeri romance beginning  by quackakeri gluttony by quackakeri the swish of intensity by quackakeri blue eyes by quackakeri Inside a raindrop by quackakeri Bokeh by quackakeri Seeds of orange by quackakeri Blooming  by quackakeri We hide in the shadows by quackakeri My religion slur by quackakeri nasty. how nasty is the day! / the circles fish conjour, / lack of summer and lack of winter, / press again against when awkward expires / and fa… Ying Yang for a Fantasy by quackakeri stability by quackakeri Untitled by quackakeri a narcissist's perception/an experiment with light by quackakeri Queen Of Hearts  by quackakeri Jack Of Diamonds by quackakeri My Murder Scene Slow drips fall down the wall / Sets the scene of a / Tragedy / Surely, you take this with pessimism / But tragedy can be / Flowering / Th… My decay Everything descends / Looses tone / Shudders / Deepens / Everything merges / Beats and wants the same / Corrupts / Circulates / Everythin… It’s almost twenty-past four It’s almost twenty-past-four / Yes, the light dances on your eyelids / I’m drawn to the weapon that is your- / You. / And I say, with less … Bliss exists in your fiction I think he is wrong / He is a / Negative / An abstraction / To believe euphoria lies in somewhere but here / For him to pursue / a state … Two trapped in addiction Thriving towards the missionary / Captivated by your passing beggary / Turning oceans alive with you’re thrashing passion / Into stone / … Love and its absense. I’ve thought about it, love / What an eternal affair / Less like the dirty feeling / Of the droning fading stamp from drunk’s door / The pr… Glasses I’ve lost my glasses / I was humming to the tune of a woman / When I became unchained / And then / I took off my glasses / I’ve no idea whe… My Daddy I’ll be back when the tide comes in, ok? / There’ll be a piercing ghostly glow / On the little green bottles by your wicker basket chair / … I don’t remember There was sunshine, remember? / Cherry lips on a saint / Deep rhythms / Pumping. I could feel it. The pumping. / Smiling sunflowers and da… Candle by quackakeri Electric by quackakeri Autumn  by quackakeri Let A Sleeping Dog Lie by quackakeri The intensity and strength of your love To you these words make no sense, like a flower in a field of weeds / But I can see clearly now, that the nettles are blossoming seeds. Untiltled His dreams a sign of escapism / A sign of reality escaping him They Do. It all. In my moments of clarity, / Everything is clear to me, / Whilst I lie in my world of immunity, / I’m surrounded by people’s vulnerability, … The last song on his album You’ve done it again / I smile. 5.06. The end