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©  Paul W. Faust

© Paul W. Faust

Harrisburg - Pennsylvania, United States

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Paul W. Faust is a self-taught Photographer, Writer, Digital Imaging, Photo Restoration, and Photo Stock Service professional.
You can see more of his work, both his images and the articles he writes, at: – - – My Blog site

Note – search my name for the last two sites.

For more of his Bio you can check it out on his stock photo web site at:
It is much too long to post it all here.

All of the images in these galleries are fully copyrighted as noted in the image descriptions.

Special note: – - The sales from these images are used to support several charity projects that I help,
including; The Hershey Children’s Medical Center, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Habitat For Humanity, a local food bank, and two projects in Appalachian Mountain areas of the US.

Thank you for looking at my galleries.

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soon to leave here

I stopped adding images to RB a few years ago because it was turning into a waste of time, and also because I found another sales gallery that is 1,000 times better. I came back to check this out to see if it has gotten any better – and it hasn’t. I sell prints every month from 11×14 up to 30×40s on my other gallery, and almost nothing here. I see people so thankful to sell …
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