Interview With Jessica Walker

I, like most of us get influenced, inspired and awe struck when veiwing new, unique and creative art. Jessica Walker is an artist that ranks high on my list of favorite photographers and I thought it appropriate to grill her about a couple of things…

1) How did you find Red Bubble and are you enjoying this online artistic community?

I found red bubble through my friend Fire Marie who came across it before I did and told me I should join it. So far I’m very pleased with the way red bubble is run. People here are very kind, they give great feedback, the artwork here is very diverse and something unique about the site is that it is mostly made up of a member base of adults. I think because of that I can take it more seriously as an art community. Not that I don’t respect artists even younger than myself, but I have had a problem on other art communities with young kids and teenagers causing problems on the site. I like red bubble because it is about the art, no baggage, no strings attached and no drama.

2) Describe yourself and your art… do you “live” your art or is art a separate thing in your life?

The answer to this question really does change depending on how I am feeling and where I am at in my life. Sometimes I feel like I cannot breathe without taking photos and other times I feel alright putting the camera down for a while and taking in life. I think this kind of mutual balance is easier than living by one extreme or another.

3) So far, what has been your greatest artistic achievement and where are you headed, what are your dreams both personally and artistically?

I’m not sure if I really have reached my greatest artistic achievement yet. So far, my most memorable achievements are when I sell my work, make money off of it and receive recognition for it. Being recognized as an artist and appreciated for it is what keeps me going I think. I’m one of those artists who is never really 100% pleased with my art. I can always find things in it that just aren’t right, or could always be better. But that’s what makes a good artist. You sometimes have to be your own worst critic. That way your work will always have room for improvement and therefore, it will always grow and become better. My dreams as an artist have always been to continue improving my art, and right now my greatest dream and hope is for my work to be published and more widely recognized. I want to show my work to the world on a wider scale. I want to know what my images make people feel. Sometimes the greatest reward to making art, is seeing what kind of emotional or mental impact it can have on people.

4) Who has or have been the biggest influence on you as an artist?

For this question, I cannot answer with a single person or name that has influenced me the most. Because none really come to mind. I believe the right answer for me is, my life experiences as a whole (all people and places involved) guide me through my artistic journey. They help me to grow, through good times and difficult times… all these things are reflected in my photography.

5) Name 5 people you would have over for dinner and what you would cook for them?

I have a hard time answering those kind of questions because it takes me forever to come up with the “right answer”. So instead I’ll say, I’d have a huge party and invite everyone I ever cared for and I’d make it a potluck so we could all bring our favorite dishes. And it would be an art party and everyone would be invited to hang their work on the walls for all to see. (I’m not much of a cook! Haha.)

Ok, here are some quick ones…

What are you?
Realist or Dreamer = Dreamer all the way
Dancer or Voyuer = Dancer
Harmonica or Sitar = Sitar
Chatterer or Listener = Listener
Color or B&W = Color
Books or Mags = Books

What are your…

Favorite TV show? Battlestar Galactica, House, Lost, Dexter
Favorite Movie? Fight Club, Clockwork Orange, V for Vendetta, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Silent Hill, In the Mouth of Madness (I can never choose just one)
Favorite Band(s)? NIN, VNV Nation, Massive Attack, Portishead, Pink Floyd, Aphex Twin
Favorite Song? I have so many I couldn’t even attempt to list them all!
Favorite Place in The World? I haven’t traveled enough to really find my perfect place yet, but I’m fond of the natural world. (Hawaii is pretty nice too!)
Favorite Saying / Quote? “On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero” -Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Thanks Jessica! :D

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