Greetings Card Sale, 5 June '14

Many thanks to the anonymous buyer of a greeting card of Mike.

I sincerely hope that you and the future recipient of the card will be very pleased with it.

Many thanks again whoever you are.

It is greatly appreciated.

PS. I’m still here but ever so busy.

Sticker Sale 22/05/14

Many thanks to the kind person from ‘across the pond’ for their purchase of a sticker of London Bus.
It is always a thrill when someone purchases your work.

I hope that you are happy with your purchase when it arrives.

Thank you again.

T Shirt $ale, 20/05/14

Many thanks to the mystery buyer from the USA for the purchase of a T Shirt of I’m a Photographer.

It is with great pleasure that you find my humble work worthy of such a purchase, and I sincerely hope that you are extremely pleased with it when it arrives.

Again, many thanks my anonymous friend.

Out of Action for a while

Hi all.

Just to let my handful of faithful followers know that I wont be around for the next few weeks due to Legion activities, moving house, college (yes, college. LOL) and other numerous events.

If anyone wants me, best send an email, text, or phone, as I will not be on here.

Be back whenever.


1840hrs 19/05

Canvas Print Sale, 12/04/14

Wow. What can I say.

Just logged in to find that someone in the USA has purchased an 18 × 12 Canvas Print of Skipton Castle.

Very many thanks whoever you are and it is such an honour that you find my humble work worthy of such a purchase. You have really made my weekend. I sincerely hope that you are pleased with the purchase when it arrives and that it looks great on your wall.

Once again, many thanks to you.