Boxing Day Fun

Apart from capturing some rare visitors to town yesterday, there was also some strange visitors to the sea.

Braving a temperature of minus 3c, these three intrepid (mad) people, braved the cold and went for a quick dip into the sea, which was probably warmer than standing around.

They are all members of the Dawlish RBL, and hopefully, it will be the start of an annual event.

Weren’t they brrrrrrrave. LOL.

Visitors to Dawlish

The recent snow and cold temperatures has brought some very welcome visitors into town that are generally only seen in the countryside.

Due to the fields, ponds, and streams being frozen, the Manor Gardens, the Lawn, and Tucks Plot, have seen an influx of wild birds.

Flocks of Fieldfares & Redwing can be seen feeding on the berries of the Palm trees and bushes in all of the above gardens, while Lapwing can be found feeding in the Manor gardens.

Much to the Kingfishers dismay, a solitary Egret can also be found in the Manor gardens, feeding on the small fish that can be seen in the stream that flows through the middle of the gardens.

There may be more of these ‘unexpected’ visitors in town that I have yet to see, and now that the temperature is rising above freezing, they w…

Card Sale

I wish to convey my gratitude and thanks to the mystery buyer of the card, Board Meeting

I am honoured that you find my humble work worthy of such a purchase.

Kindest regards whoever you are.


A Sale. No need to comment.

Many thanks to the mystery buyer who generously purchased a small mounted print of Coly Bridge.

I am very humbled that you find my work worthy of such a purchase.

I hope that you are satisfied with your purchase.

God bless you, whoever you are.

Card Sales, 2-11-10

I would like to thank the mystery person who has just purchased 2 x Greetings Cards of Looe Bridge, which had only been uploaded 5 minutes previous, and 1 x Greeting Card of The Return, where if you look at it, please find time to Read the Story that accompanies the picture.

I am very grateful that you find my humble work worthy enough to purchase, and I hope that the cards bring you much pleasure.

Many thanks indeed.

Looe Bridge.

The Return.

The Good, the Bad, and Downright Ugly

Ok, so we have all put up with the Improved (?) new look RB for a few days now, and although I embrace change, there are some that in my opinion has made RB a worse place to be, and from my observations and trials since the revamp. here are my opinions.

The Good.
The My Bubble page has improved greatly, and being a host of a few groups, it is great to see what groups have work waiting for moderation without going into the group. Not sure if ‘Forum Posts’ into the groups show, as I keep my eyes on those also, incase some member has a query and needs a response.
So all in all, the new My Bubble is a vast improvement.

The Bad.
You can only read journals from people on your watchlist, as RB have stopped the site wide browsing of them, unless you go on the Old Redbubble lin…

Weekend Smiles

Hi all.
Despite the fact that we are still ‘officially’ on holiday, I have had 2 card sales during the night.
2 x cards of Exe Bridge.

And even though its not good enough for the Wessex group, as they rejected it,
1 x card of Stalking.

Very many thanks to the mystery buyer who thinks my humble work worthy of such purchases.

I hope that you are satisfied with them.

What a week.

Hello all.
It has been a great week for me.

Apart from making the front page of the printed edition and also in the online version of my local paper with my picture of WW2 hero Bill Millins funeral, I have also just sold a Large Laminated Print of Coves.

I would like to show my gratitude to the mystery buyer for such a generous act and for finding my humble work worthy of such a purchase.

Many thanks whoever you are.

I made the Front Page

Last month saw the passing of WW2 hero Bill Millin, who was the ‘Mad Piper’ of D-Day.

His funeral was last week, September 2nd, and a celebration of his life and passing was held at the RBL Dawlish, with local and French officials in attendance.

I took my camera along and submitted one to the Dawlish Gazette which made the front page of this weeks edition.

Although a small local paper, I feel immense pride in the fact that my picture was chosen in celebration of this hero.

RIP Bill Millin.

Dawlish Pram Race, 170810

Hello everyone.

I have uploaded 2 photos from the Pram Race last night, here and here, and to save boring you with uploads of the same thing, here are some more of last nights fun.

The pics I have chosen reflect the spirit of the contestants, so please ignore the quality (?) of them.

Hope you enjoy them, and Jay, Warren will like the last one in this journal. LOL.

Thank you.








Large Laminated Print Sold

Sorry to keep putting these on, but I think it is polite to show publicly, appreciation to the person who has taken the time to look at your work and spend their money in actually buying it.

No, I am NOT bragging about how many sales I have made, just my way of saying Thank you.

So, many thanks to the kind person who has purchased a Large Laminated Print of Arches.

I really do appreciate it.

Happy Monday. Sales.

A great start to the week with a sale of 2 Cards of Wycoller Bridge, to add to my other 4 sales over the past week, so I hope you are not bored with them.

Very many thanks to the mystery buyer for purchasing my humble work.
I am happy that you find my work worthy of a purchase.

Easy processing for some effective skies.

Hi all.
Some people have remarked on the clouds in my latest upload, Signals & Sidings, so I thought that I would share with you on how I processed it, and I hope that you find it interesting. It is very simple.

Ok, I shoot in RAW and do as much as possible in AR before opening up in CS3.
When you have done all you want to do in AR, open the image in CS3.
When opened in CS3, click on Layer>Duplicate Layer then OK, and your duplicate layer is called background copy, and we will work on this first. You can tell by which layer is ‘Live’ as it will be highlighted Blue in the Layers Palette.
Next, go to layer>layer style>blending options>multiply. Ok.
Convert layer to B&W, then look through the options to find the one that suits you. Click Ok.
Adjust levels, exposure …

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait