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Storage & Backup

Hi all.

Recently, I have thought more and more about storage and backup of not just my photographs, (especially the original RAW files) but the system itself.

Apart from having a variety of external hard-drives (desktop and portable) ranging in size from 100GB to 4TB, with the desktop drives taking care of documents as well as all the photographs, I have recently acquired some Verbatim Gold Archival DVD’s, for the same purpose as the HD’s.

Recordable media has reduced greatly in price over the years and although blank DVD’s can be purchased for as little as 10p-30p each, the Verbatim discs mentioned above are more expensive running out at just over a £1 each, which is still an extremely good price to pay to protect your valuable pictures and documents, as well as backing up your PC/Laptop.

If you are thinking about backing up your valuable files/photos or PC/Laptop, then why not consider spending that little extra on a better quality product that is designed for the purpose of longevity.
It will make sense.

No, I do not work for Verbatim, but just want to share with you something that I believe is a quality product and will be of interest and of use to you.

Thank you.

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