1. Help support the Royal British Legion.
    I do, unlike others who pretend they do.

I just take photographs

Self taught and living in Devon.

Former Weekend Warrior and ‘long range sniper’.

I won’t comment on work that is repetitive, noisy, blurred or just plain awful.

If you can’t be bothered to reply to comments, then you are just rude.

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Country Pursuits
Selection of Sold images.

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L118 Light Gun. Pictures courtesy of the MoD.

  • Joined: January 2010


Canvas Print Sale, 12/04/14

Wow. What can I say. / Just logged in to find that someone in the USA has purchased an 18 × 12 Canvas Print of Skipton Castle. / Very many thanks whoever you are and it is such an honour that you find my humble work worthy of such a purchase. You have really made my weekend. I sincerely hope that you are pleased with the purchase when it arrives and that it looks great on your wall. / Once a…
Posted 5 days – 14 comments

Sold 2 Greetings Cards, 10/04/14

Many thanks to the mystery buyer of 2 St George’ Day Cards. / It is so heartwarming that someone is so patriotic. / Many thanks again whoever you are. / St George’s Day is on Wednesday 23rd April. Be proud to be English on that day.
Posted 6 days – 8 comments

T Shirt $ale - 30/03/14

Many thanks to the mystery buyer from the USA for the purchase of a T Shirt of Get Dirty Off Road. / It is with great pleasure that you find my humble work worthy of such a purchase, and I sincerely hope that you are extremely pleased with it when it arrives. / Again, many thanks my anonymous friend.
Posted 17 days – 8 comments


Credit where credit’s due. / It’s not often that RB gets praised for what they have done, but I want to say THANK YOU RB for the Edit Pricing option in our Account Details. / Once set up, it makes life so much easier when adding new work as our own mark up is already shown. / A change that I approve of. / Keep up the good work
Posted about 1 month – 4 comments