Avid Photographer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer and well, lover of anything creative really.

I love getting outdoors, nature, fresh air, so this may be reflected in my work. I also enjoy meeting new people, new places and the challenge of making something general and everyday look beautiful and interesting. I also love the unique and unusal. I guess I ultimately just love the things around me that catch my eye and make me think / smile.

I’ve been very lucky to feature in a various groups from time to time, which is lovely as it’s great to see people appreciating my work.

I’ve been even luckier to have a few sales of canvas and some greeting cards and postcard purchases, which honestly, truely makes me happy that some people out there like my pics enough to buy them. :) And if you come across my profile page, then I would like to THANK YOUUUUU! :)

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Feel free to come say hello or ask me any questions. I don’t bite… honest ;)

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