14 days (cert 15) part 5

For the next few moments Candi tried to concentrate on calming her nerves and assessing her situation. She was scared, really scared, there was no sense in denying it but as she slowly steadied herself and centered her mind on her breathing she studied the last five minutes.

The most obvious thing was that her captor was not just the brainless muscle man that he first appeared. He was educated, or certainly spoke as though he was. He was clever. The trick with the retreating footsteps, making her think he had left the room proved this. How clever he was, she was not sure but what was certain was that she shouldn’t underestimate him. These thoughts calmed her further as she started to make decisions on how to act and what to do. Mr Dreg had given away quite a bit of his hand, maybe a good bluff from her could win the game.

Next she went over the conversation again. He had expressed concern over her comfort and had asked if she was hungry. He was even going to get her something for her headache. Maybe, just maybe she could get him relaxed enough to drop his guard and untie her for long enough for her to get away. She was fit enough and quick enough to out run the massive Mr Dreg, all she had to do was get away from him. The only thing that worried her and sent icicles of fear up down her back was the mention of Mr Dregs associate. Who was this other person? She had a pretty good idea what they wanted from her and maybe this associate was the one coming to retrieve it, in whatever way was needed. She tried to push down thoughts of what might happen to her before she tumbled down the slippery slope of panic. She needed more information and needed it fast.

With that thought Mr Dreg walked back into the room with a glass of water and a strip of tablets. He sat her up on the bed and popped a pill from the strip. Her moved his hand towards her mouth to offer her the pill but she shied away with a whimper.

“Just for your head. Nothing sinister I assure you Miss Strype.” He showed her the strip of pills so that she could see the brand name.

Candi opened her mouth and accepted the pill and then a sip of water. It was then that she realised how thirsty she was and moved her mouth back towards the glass. Mr Dreg put the glass to her lips again and patiently allowed her to drink the entire glass. He didn’t spill a drop.

“Better?” He asked

“Much, thank you.” She replied.

“Now how about some food while we wait?” Dreg suggested. “I’m not much of a cook I’m afraid and supplies are limited but I am sure I can rustle up something edible.”

“Perhaps your friend will bring some food with him.” She offered.

“Doubtful.” Dreg snorted. “And he will not be here until tomorrow. I’m sure you don’t want to wait that long to find out.”

“You have been kind to me,” Candi stated. “when you didn’t need to be. Maybe I could repay your kindness by helping with the cooking. I used to be able to make something from nothing while I was a poor student. I’m sure I haven’t lost the knack.”

“Hmm, you are remarkably calm, considering your situation.” Dreg suspiciously said.

“Oh god.” Candi whimpered “I’m just trying to get through this and keeping my mind busy might keep the fear at bay.” She even managed a small tear “Oh please don’t hurt me!”

“It’s ok, calm yourself my dear. As I have already said, there is no reason for this to be unpleasant. In fact you seem rather charming and in a different situation I could imagine us being friends. Okay, why not. To the kitchen then but remember that although I may not wish to hurt you, I will if you force me.”

As Mr Dreg untied her hands and feet she breathed deeply and said “Thank you Mr Dreg.” Maybe this would be easier than she thought.

14 days (cert 15) part 5


Marburg, Germany

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The next installment of my little pulp fiction story.
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