Exciting news...Hooray

I have some rather smashing news that I can’t really talk about here on RB as it involves one of my t shirts. If you fancy finding out all about it you can zip over to my blog to find out more and join me in shouting Hooray at random strangers in the street. I must warn you though… This news is pretty amazing. Infact if there was a competition for the most amazing news ever, it would get at least third prize.

The lowdown...

Get the lowdown on my series of alternative christmas cards in my blog. If you are partial to zombies, pirates, the afterlife or just a bit odd then these are the cards for you.

Also some breaking news. My 10% discount on my calendars ends tomorrow, when they will return to full price of €23.82. You can see them all here or choose 12 images from my portfolio, send the names to me in a mail and I will make your own personal calendar.

Of course if you also use this code Purplecactus_is_on_sale_7878 you can get an extra 15% off as well. Complete bargain!!