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Refreshing Myself on Red Bubble

It’s been about 6 million years since I really went through my portfolio and edited it, so today I have deleted a bunch of stuff and attempted to re-organise my portfolio. I am hoping it’ll inspire me to create more work and get back onto Red Bubble more regularly. It’s so hard to find the time, but I know from when I was active on RB (all those aeons ago) that it’s a wonderful community of artists and my creative life was always better for it. So I have a new avatar and a new attitude.
If any of my old Bubble friends remember me…hello- I’m back!

Argoflex Seventy-five LOVE!

After being inspired (yet again) by other artists on the bubble (particularly Kitsmumma and Jules Campbell ) and their Through The Viewfinder adventures, I have purchased my very own Argoflex 75 in it’s own adorable little brown case and it was love at first sight.
A little tricky to get right at first,but I see potential for serious joy here!

Handmade in Melbourne

Just discovered I will be in the New “Handmade in Melbourne” book being launched in August- yay!
Not that I’ve had much time to handmake anything for ages…but in a couple of short weeks I will no longer be working full time and my life will be returned to me!
Hurrah, huzzah and hosannah! Then hopefully the creativity will flow and flood it’s banks, and anyone who is still watching me will be sick to death of me uploading new works….hopefully…

Missing RB

I’ve been distracted by survival issues lately, needing to find some work to support my art habit..and eat and pay the rent etc etc, so I haven’t had the time or energy to spend cruising around RB, and I’ve really missed it! Hopefully I will be able to find a new balance between surviving and creating soon, so that I can get my regular creative inspiration dose from the RB again. It’s such a great community here, and it feels a little warmer and nicer than that cold world out there!

Me in Cleo

Me and “The 50 Most Eligible Men In Australia”(highly debatable) are in the April edition of Cleo. I wasn’t asked any searching questions about “the most romantic thing I’ve done for a girl” or even “my guilty pleasure”, but I do have a collage and photograph in an article on Affordable Art- sigh, if only it weren’t!

These are the two they chose:
Silver Mod

Phoenix Appeal

I am in shock, as I’m sure many of you are, at the utter horror of the fires that have ravaged Victoria, killing 108 people and are still burning.
Anne has set up a site Phoenix-Appeal to try to raise some money for the victims of these bushfires. I have contributed my “hope” image to the appeal and other artists have contributed as well. Please check it out and help if you can.

Group confusion

Has anyone else joined too many groups and now finds it too difficult to remember what they’re all about? Ironically I now enter less work into groups than I did before because I have joined so many that it seems too hard to figure out what their rules are- some are very specific! So now in fear of rejection I just don’t bother with the ones that I’m not sure about. I mean my understanding of words like “visual texture” and “nostalgic” are obviously not the same as someone else’s, which is fine and perfectly natural, but none the less, confusing!

Of course if I wasn’t so slack I’d just unjoin them! O.K., I will!
That’ll be my New Year’s Resolution (something I don’t really believe in- but, hey, I’m also i…

Holiday yay!

Just letting my lovely Bubble people know I’ll be away for a couple of weeks on holidays in sunny (hopefully) Queensland. I’m visiting my family and hoping to take a day trip to the reef, that’s the Great Barrier Reef! Don’t worry, I’ve already packed one of those cheapy underwater cameras…I’m very excited!
Adios mi amigos!

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