About drawing programs

Hello guys!
I’m interested in knowing which programs do you usually use for digital drawing and what do you like about them specifically.
I usually ink in SAI, it’s a pretty easy program, very user friendly and you can really manage the lines as you please, treat them as vectorial or pixelar, etc.
To colour, I prefer Photoshop, probably because it is the program I use since the longest time so i know it quite well. I want to give a try to Corel Painter though, I’ve seen it has quite impressive tools to emulate traditional media. Any of you uses it?
I would like to hear your comments!



  • bristany
    bristanyabout 5 years ago

    I use Photoshop and a program called Sheriff ! my tools are very basic, I take photo of picture, or draw “stolen” in old books or in the street, everything is good for me. My work is more transformation of something already made by human or by nature. Voilà

  • thanks for your feedback!
    I don’t know about Sheriff, I’m going to look it up.

    – punkypeggy

  • HollyGoLightly
    HollyGoLightlyabout 5 years ago

    i had a coral painter trial. it was okay, it does alot of the work for you. like there is such a larger variety of brushes and presets than photoshop. it was a bit easier, but i am still a whole lot more adapt to using photoshop. also, do you use a tablet?

  • yeah I have a cheap, small wacom. i used to paint on mouse before and my life changed drastically since i bought the tablet haha
    on the other hand, i do less traditional now, i used to explore it more before when i had less tools
    i’ve made a million custom brushes on photoshop, but i’ve seen some stuff done in corel painter that looks just too much as traditional, the textures seemed so real…

    – punkypeggy