I’m a graphic designer and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I love fantasy, sci-fi, gore and manga.
I work both on digital and traditional media and I adore shocking colour schemes.

You can check the rest of my work on my deviantART account

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I just made my first sale today, to whoever bought my PJ Harvey shirt , I’m ETERNALLY thankful! / You made my day!!
Posted almost 6 years – 5 comments

About drawing programs

Hello guys! / I’m interested in knowing which programs do you usually use for digital drawing and what do you like about them specifically. / I usually ink in SAI, it’s a pretty easy program, very user friendly and you can really manage the lines as you please, treat them as vectorial or pixelar, etc. / To colour, I prefer Photoshop, probably because it is the program I use since the …
Posted almost 6 years – 4 comments