My first camera introduction was an Olympus OM1 SLR which was heavy and of course manual….and a foreign body to me…I had just married, back in 1979, and my newly acquired ‘spouse’ had put in his order for the camera and the honeymoon location..(my family paid happily !)….he was an experienced rock climber, who enjoyed the idea of photography ?
I ended up on a ‘scree’ cliff high up in Mr. Cook National Park, South Island of New Zealand, whilst an avalanche was in movement… I froze…
no crisp white sheets on my honeymoon!!…of course I wanted to end the whole affair…but whilst deciding…I started taking photographs.
many years later….
I now have a Canon, and a relaxed ex partner story… whilst loving the flexibility offered with lenses and the ease of digital technology.
The images I take are mostly free from editing, despite some cropping at times.
I am a new ‘bubbler’ and love being able to view such inspirational works…from all over the globe….
I’ve spent most of my adult life in interior design, raising a family and creating many homes and ‘atmospheres’…whilst taking pictures, and creating gardens ! ….

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