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linda lowry

Lexington, United States

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Aging amateur mother, photographer, writer, and genealogist. When not performing in one of these capacities, I am forced to work on machinery for a living to support my word game addiction.
I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but getting out of the auto factory I work in when I am eligible for retirement in five years should enable me to find out.

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A very common occurence for most of those on my watchlist, but a totally new experience for me! One of my tulips is forefront in Fabulous Flowers (no idea how to supply the link, I am that green).
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The end *sigh* of "Linda and Doug's Excellent Edinburgh Adventure"

Eventually, our fabulous first day of sightseeing in Edinburgh was eclipsed by encroaching twilight. Doug and I had managed to cross the entire length of the Old Town by foot, from the enchanting Castle to Calton Hill, where the chilling wind blurred our vision. We decided to wander into the New Town for a bit before returning to our hotel. / When our British co-workers found out we intended to s…
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The middle of "Linda and Doug's Excellent Edinburgh Adventure"

Doug and I left the train at the end of the line, in Waverly Station. Walking out of the depot and glimpsing Edinburgh for the first time, I understood why my sister had made sure I didn’t miss it. / A block to the left was Market Street in the Old Town, which meandered up a long, gradual hill toward Edinburgh Castle. One block to the right was the New Town (as old as the United States), fr…
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The Start of "Linda and Doug's Excellent Edinburgh Adventure"...

My sister began bugging me before I started packing for the trip to Great Britain. Every time she called or emailed after I arrived, she was relentless in reminding me. / “You HAVE to get to Edinburgh!” she urged. / “But why?” I asked. How much better could Scotland be than England? / “TRUST ME. It is the best place we visited. If you liked York, you will love Edinbu…
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