Sony DSLR-A900 Firmware 2

So after a year of owning the Sony A900 a new firmware has been released courtesy of Sony UK.…

The feature list as follows;

  1. Autofocus is quicker and more responsive than ever, thanks to improved AF motor control and smarter distance detection of out-of-focus objects.
  1. Creative options are extended by a broadened range of exposure value (EV) compensation settings, now increased from ±3EV to ±5EV. Selected compensation value is displayed in the navigation display on the main LCD screen of both cameras. This boosted EV compensation range gives extra
    headroom when composing extremely high- or low-key images.
  1. Exposure bracketing range has also been increased from a maximum of 4.0EV (three shots at -2EV, 0EV, +2EV) to a maximum of 6.0EV (-3EV, 0EV, +3EV). This wider range gives added flexibility

15,000 views, 1555 comments, 173 favs


Wow, 15,000 view, since May 2009. I’m pretty happy with that. One of my images has had over 500 views.

So far I have had 1555 comments, 173 favourites and 4 sales (not including my purchases).

I like to thank all those that commented, favourite and viewed my work.


Wow 12,000 Views


I have 12,000 views now, thats 2,000 in the last 2 months alone… And this is a time when my only chance to take shots have been at the MCC Portrait Nights.

Here is are some stats;
| – | Views | Comments | Fav | Sales |
| Totals | 12001 | 1390 | 151 | 4 |
| Avg | 107 | 12 | 1 | 0 |



Hi All…

Well just over 1 year from joining RB i have passed 10,000 views, i just missed out in reaching this number in 1 year.

I have meet some great people on RB and have learned a lot in that time. I have had some great comments on my work and even made a sale…

Here are some of my shots that have been featured…

Challenge Winner A Night Somewhere

Featured in DSLR Users Only

Featured in Australia – from the Outback to the Coast!

Featured in Night and Low Light

Featured in Wide Angle and Fisheye Lens Photography

Featured In Country Victoria

Featured in Australia – from the Outback to the Coast!

Featured in Sony Shooters

Featured in and group avatar Wide Angle and Fisheye Lens Photography

Featured in Going Costal

Featured in Country Victoria

Featured in Colour and light and Colourists


No Work For a Bit

Hi All

On Friday i was made redundant from my Java Software Developer job. I have to give back the company laptop to the accountants where ever they get around to aranging it (Monday or Tuesday).

My wife’s computer hasn’t got enough grunt to run Lightroom, Photoshop or even Paint Shop Pro. So i have no way to prepare my work for uploading.

I hope to get a new Job soon, but if anyone knows of anyone who wants a Java Programmer, bMail me…

UPDATE I could not stand my wifes computer and i have an interview next week so went out and got myself a HP dv7 laptop…


Sony SAL16F28 Fisheye User Review

A lot of you may have seen my fisheye shots. All of these were taken with a Sony SAL16F28 16mm F2.8 Fisheye lens. This lens is 110° on APS-C (1.5 crop) or 180° on a Full Frame 35mm body. This lens is not cheap ranging in price from $AU1,100 to $AU1,500 but the results can be stunning.…

The SAL16F28 has four integrated filters. Normal, O56 Orange, B12 Blue and A12 Red which can be changed by a pull down and twist sleave at the front of the lens (shown as NORMAL above).

This lens is light weight and small, it can quite easily fit in a coat pocket and quite often that’s how I take it out with me. It comes with a hard cloth hood that can be a pain to get onto the lens so it is not a quick change over when swapping lens.

This lens is all about the distortion one can achieve. You can get som

Introducing MrKeef

Hi All

I would like to introduce you all to my mate MrKeef i have known him since Secondary School. We have both grown up around photography, computers, cars and Rovers (older scouts).

He recently upgraded from an Olympus e-520 to an Olympus e-30 and what an improvment this has been.

His most recent shots are just fantastic (just about as good as mine)…

So have a check of his work and watch him if you wish, i’m sure his work will get even better in the future…


Sony DSLR-A900 Progressive Review

So I have now had my Sony A900 since mid November 2009. I now feel that I have enough experience to give a more thorough review.…

This review is basically my own experience and may differ from other users of this camera. So far I used this camera for an end of year concert, wedding, xmas lights, star shots, landscapes, and night photography.

A lot of this review will compare it with my first DSLR the Sony a350 which is a 14.2 mega pixel APS-C (1.5 crop) CCD Sensor. The a900 being a Full Frame 24.6 mega pixel CMOS Sensor.

Ok let’s get into the review. As I wrote my First Impression Journal the a900 is a heavy camera at 850g add a lens to that and you have over 1kg to carry about. When I first started using it I was getting sore fingers. It now feels quite comfortable in my hand. I ca

How to Spot Fake or Plagiarised Works

As a group host and a member of RedBubble there are time you come across a picture and wonder if they really did it. Just recently I came across a few of these pictures submitted to my group. I did some research and not one of them was his/her works. But they were still getting wonderful comments.…

So this is a guide on how to spot fake or plagiarised works, it is mostly aimed at photography as this seems to be most prevalent on RB. It will also tell you how to inform other of the suspected fake without breaching RB rules.

1. Little or no description
Most artist are proud of their works, they like to tell you about how they took the shot, some even add the camera setting or a little story about the shot. A fake would not know this so have no details or just a link to their blog. There are

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait