Great Ocean Road, A Photographers Journey

I have been meaning to write this journal for a while but have only now had the chance to get it all together

John and I, as hosts of the Otway National Park / Great Ocean Road Group planed a get together for the 24th of October 2009. The plan was to meet with other members of the group at 3 possible locations. The met ups were planned for 3 times throughout the day.

On the day MyKeef (who stay the night at my place), John and I piled our gear into my car and right on 4:00 am we headed off.

Being right near the ring road we made good time to Anglesea and arrived just after 5:30 am at the first meet up point. We had a bit of a stretch and look for anyone else, but as we could already see some light in the sky we headed for the nearest beach. We happened to stumble onto the Anglesea River M

My First Digital Wedding Shoot

A couple of months back a long time friend asked me to take some pictures at her daughter’s wedding in December. I had known her daughter since she was about 2 years old. So it was a bit of an honour, but it was also scary as well.…

The only other wedding I have done was back in the 1990s and that was not that good. So after some research and speaking to my wife, I decided to go ahead and do it.

I was luck to pick up a Sony Alpha 900 DSLR in the weeks before the wedding along with a Sony HVL-F58AM flash and a Minolta AF 24-105D lens to go with the Full Frame Camera.

I also loaned a umbrella and flash stand from a friend, but need a new adapter so I could mount the Sony flash. The HVL-F42AM that I already had was fitted to this on the day.

So after getting some practice in with the A900 at



I recently emailed QV here in Melbourne about taking some shots of their Xmas lights. Explaining that I’m an amateur photographer and that I would be using a tripod and no flash They emailed me back and said this was fine, but they needed to see my Liability cover.

Being an amateur I didn’t have any…

So today I rang my personal insurer RACV and got some business cover. This cover includes $5mil of liability cover, $12k of equipment cover and some fire damage cover at home. So if any of my equipment is stolen, dropped in a pond, ocean or pool, dropped and smashed then it is covered. If I drop it and there is only internal damage then it is not covered, so I better do a good job of it if I do drop it.

All up this will cost me a bit over $110 a month.

So why would an Amateur Photo

Sony DSLR-A900 First Impressions

Sony DSLR-A900 First Impressions

I have wanted the A900 since when I first saw it, but really could not justify the $AU4000 they wanted for it. But the price has been steadily going down.

So I have a wedding shoot coming up and wanted a second camera for it, this was a great opportunity to justify the price that was now at $AU3700. I took my lens into a camera store and tried them on the A850 and A900 using my Memory Card.

So the 1st lens was my prime, a Sony SAL1680Z which is the 16-80 F3.5 to 4.5 Carl Zeiss a very nice and sharp lens which works great on my Sony DSLR-A350. With this lens your could see the barrel around the edge of the view finder but it didn’t show up in the shots. Cool it works (a mistake).

Next was my SAL16F28 Fisheye, on the A350 it gives me 110° view on the A900 fu

Seculine Action Level Cross Digital Camera Level with all axis display

Hi All…

Found this in a Mag and thought most photographers would be interested

Sorry if this in appropiate for a group, but it would be good for most landscape or most other photography where there are stright lines. I know, most of my shots seem to be off a little and mostly the same angle?


Seculine Action level Cross Digital Camera Level with all axis display

The new Action Level Cross from Seculine is a compact digital leveling device for any camera with a hot shoe fitting, showing not only horizontal level but also vertical alignment.

The Action level Cross offers leveling information in the form of a cross over the horizontal and vertical fields with 7 Colour LED lights for each axis showing level information in a traffic light sequ

How to Add Geavity to you Profile

How to Add Geavity to you Profile…

Geavity allows Photographers that use social networks to brag about what camera equipment they have. You can use the same site to brag here as well.

1. Go to and sign up for an account
2. Add you equipment, order them as you desire.
3. Click the Widget button (see image 1)
4. Choose the layout you want (see image 2)
5. Edit you profile details and add the following;
6. Copy the image details <img src=“copy here”> and put ! around them (see image 3 in red)
7. Copy the location <a href=“http://web address/”> and added it to the image (see example and image 3 in blue)
8. Go check out you profile (see mine)

Example (remove spaces in the example)
! !

Scatter Beans, Second Calendar

This is my second calendar, all shots feature the small American Jelly Beans, we brought a large jar of them from Costco.

It was a pain sorting the colours but in the second session of shots my son helped so that made it more fun…

Scatter Beans

Beans (cover)

Chilly Beans (Jan)

Banana Beans (Feb)

Oranges and Beans (Mar)

Grape Beans (Apr)

Cherry Beans (May)

Hot Beans (Jun)

Yellow Banana (Jul)

Orange Beanies (Aug)

Greanies (Sep)

Ripe Beans (Oct)

Salad Beans (Nov)

A Bean (Dec)

1500 views, 1000 in a month and 500 in the last 5 days

Well it looks like i spoke too soon when i wrote about 1000 views on the 24th of September.

from the 28th of August to the 28th of September i have managed to get 1000+ views in the last 5 days of the month i got 500 views, so i’m over the moon…

Thanks all that viewed, commented and favoured my work, it really is a boost…

And to the groups that have shown my works, thanks for the help…

Melbourne Night Calendar

I had an aim this weekend to get 2 Calendars done, everyone else was, so why not join in.

Once I knew I had the numbers from my night shoot with John I decided that’s what I wanted from them, Why not get 12 of the best of Melbourne by Night.

All shots were taken on Friday, September 18th, a calm and warm night. They were taken on or around the Yarra River in Melbourne Victoria.

Melbourne Night

Reach for the Sky (cover)

Princess Bridge (Jan)

Walk of Arch (Feb)

South Bank Art (Mar)

Light Under the Bridge (Apr)

Flinders’ Sides (May)

Don’t be Blue (Jun)

Night Erection (Jul)

Sleepy Boats (Aug)

Busy Nights (Sep)

In the shadow of its younger brother (Oct)

Watching the Wheel (Nov)

Reach for the Sky (Dec)

New Group:- Otway National Park / Great Ocean Road

I want to take a bit of time to introduce a new group that I’m hosting with John Kowalski.…

It is called The Otway National Park and The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

The groups is dedicated to Photographs of the Great Ocean Road. From Bells Beach to The Bay of Islands Coastal Park including the Otway National Park. This is one of Victoria’s great scenic drives, also one of the most dangerous.

In my time on Red Bubble I have seen some wonderful photos of this area and this is the group to showcase the many aspects of this unique area and the photographers who take them.

We will be having fortnightly themed features, the next one is Buildings followed by Bridges. Keep an eye on the forums for updates.

Until the 3rd of September we will be wavering the 1 per day rule, just so we c

Clean Up

Normally I would not actually write a journal but I had to write about some handy hints.

I wanted to try adding a framed picture to some of my photos just like everyone.

What I found was that some of the picture I was happy with just didn’t look right when framed. As pictures on RB they were great, as artwork on a wall not so good.

So what I would suggest after you upload your pictures then go and play with framing the (click the buy/preview button). You may find that you may need to crop, rotate or adjust them to make a better sellable photo, or just to get the best from them.


desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait