Disney and LucusArts

Hi All

Well Disney has not wasted any time since they brought LucusArts, Last week I got a DMCA for 6 of my works that featured Members of the local Star Wars fan club dressed in their costumes. These were brought by these members and photographed by me.

Well tonight i got one for my 7 year old son’s account on RedBubble for a picture he also took of these members of the local club. this time they didn’t even bother saying who it was for.

I feel that Red Bubble should do more to protect it’s members from this type of harrasment. I took the picture, i didn’t not copy any of their stuff. The copyright belongs to me. They may or may not own the copyright on the costume, but the law says i have copy right on the image.

Anyway, i can’t fight it, its a shame RedBubble isn’t this quick when we complain about one of our works being copied..

So i recomend if you have anything in your portfolio related to starway that you remove it from public view.


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