Thomastown, Australia

Lost My Mojo

I think i have lost my Mojo…

Last weekend I went out with Mr Keef to take some shots, the subject that i was looking at still had contruction works going and was not ready after all.

So we went for a walk and I took a few shots, turned out i had the wrong settings for half the shoot (never happend before, must be to use to the a77). Took only a small number of shots. This is compared to being use to take 4 times as many as Mr Keef. I also just stood around while Mr Keef took quote a few more shots.

I didn’t even use my tripod because i could not be botherd to set it up, in the end i did, but only took a few shots of a tree…

After all that i still have not even looked at the shots, let alone put them on HDD…

With work and family i have not got the time or energy to take shots anymore, Even portrait nights at the MCC are not as rewarding as they use to be…

Maybe for my holiday in september i might get my Mojo back, thats if it goes ahead….

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