Melburne to Perth an Back

I have always wanted to drive across the Nullarbor from Melbourne to Perth via Adelaide. It’s a 3,420km or 37hrs straight driving, I plan to do it in 5-6 days. Take our time and stop and take a lot of photos.

But if we go one way we need to come back, and it would be boring just to go back the same way. So a mate that has expressed interest in coming along suggested we come back via Uluru. The best way to do that is via the Great Central Road. This is a graded dirt road which passes though the center of Australia.

I find the 4,377km 75hrs return trip to be very daunting, but once again we will stretch it out to 5-6days and it should be very spectacular when we stop to take pictures. I am also told and will have details of the wonderful wild flowers that grow in the are at the time we will be traveling.

So I am planning to fill half the back seat with Camping equipment, such as tents, sleeping bag and such. This will leave room for 1 other person to tag along (that assumes my mate is in on it).

We will leave Melbourne on Saturday the 22nd of September and return on Sunday the 7th or October. My wife and son will be flying there on the Friday the 28th and return Monday the 1st of October.

So if your a photographer and you’re interested in doing this once in a life time trip. drop me an email. Also I am not opposed to other vehicle traveling with us.

See for more information.

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