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They are trolling RedBubble Now

Just got this loverly email from some troll saying they found me on RedBuuble and wanted to start a relationship with me…. Ha Ha Ha…

So those that have emails in their profile watch out…

i have removed the address

Hello Dear,
My name is Miss Livna and i am a beautiful young girl faithful, loving, tender and very caring.i saw your profile (www.redbubble.com,) and love your person, Today i am happy sending this mail to let you know that i really want to build up a good relationship together with you,and it will look good if you drop your mail for me to contact you back as well,i will be waiting to hear from you any time,Please try and contact me back through my email address (livna_edward@xxx) So that i can tell you more about myself and know about you too,
Thanks for your understanding
Yours Livna.
6.jpg (49KB, 482 × 720)<http://xxxx/mails/showimage.php?id=Ni5qcGd8NDk4...;


  • Cindy Schnackel
    Cindy Schnackelalmost 4 years ago

    LOL! I was looking for some recent background on scams this morning for my Journal entry on art scams and this relationship one was mentioned. I haven’t gotten it myself, but have gotten spam from vanity galleries as have many RB members. Somehow I have a feeling that link, if you were to click on it, would take you to some phishing scam, porn site, viruses or malware, of course.

  • Cindy Schnackel
    Cindy Schnackelalmost 4 years ago

    I mean the link in your bmail, not the link in my post!

  • retepk
    retepkalmost 4 years ago

    Yes you have to be aware that sort of email (which is one of many, of course) is probably a scam so you don’t even think of clicking on the link/s. Emails from strangers, especially with the words “Hello Dear”, one should
    delete them straightaway then immediately delete them from your trash directory. I don’t even open them .

  • it ended up in my junk anyway…

    – Puggs

  • red addiction
    red addictionalmost 4 years ago

    Hee hee….been there, but my emails were more explicit! red :)

  • did i miss out on something good? :)

    – Puggs