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When Vocal Shit Hits The Fan - Chapter 7, "Foul Words" [Explicit]

Modern media has presented you with the idea that anything offensive is amoral and wrong. Though you may not have noticed this evolution, it is happening. It is unfortunate, as what some people consider offensive, other people consider funny, entertaining, or ‘cool’. Certain outlets are targeted specifically for their capacity to produce such offensive entertainment. Comedians, musicians, television shows, among other things are now hesitating to do what they do best for fear of some pointless special interest group will step up and demand their firing. This is not only illogical, it is the amoral part of the situation.

Any day, you can read a newspaper, turn on a television or browse the internet and find someone apologizing for something, most likely something they said in private, or even worse, something they consider to be their opinion. I can’t imagine this ever being a good thing in five, ten, or twenty years. IS this really what we’ve come to feel comfortable with? A slew of arrogant, complaining special interest groups that will immediately attack the second you even mention something in a comedic light? The recent gay spotlight is shining due to a few gay boys committing suicide over teasing, among other things. While bullying is what it is, it’s not going to end because your posse decides to take umbrage with it.

What angered me the most about this was the various celebrities who stepped up and spoke out for the gay people. Most of them were sincere, some were just looking for another couple seconds in the spotlight, but the one that really irritated me was Perez Hilton. The man known for Photoshopping semen and dicks on to celebrities faces, the man whose job it is to exploit peoples personal lives and bring to light the things that celebrities do when the cameras are off. In his little statement, he explains how one of the men who committed suicide had been filmed during one of his more private ‘man-on-man’ endeavors, and upon the release of this video, had killed himself from embarrassment. Perez goes into detail about how terrible it is for people (these bullies in particular) to be filming private moments of people and sharing them with the world. The double standard here is beyond enraging. Don’t worry, I’m sure Perez will be one of the first people to step up and defend some gay rights group who’ve been ‘offended’ at a gay joke in a television show. This moral compass that Perez is, is a sign of what we as Americans are willing to tolerate, and for what?

Another form of this would be ‘naughty words’. Yeah; Fuck, Shit, Piss, Cumbubble and Clitmeister fall under such a category. What terrible words. I can vividly remember as a young child, saying the word “fuck” to myself in the softest tone I could, as an entirely curious attempt to see what would happen if I had said one of these terrible words. I’ll tell you what happened. Nothing. Life went on. I wasn’t assaulted by the FCC.

You’ll come to realize as you grow up, that these words that have been kept away from you for your whole life, have been marked taboo and can be defended with punishment. Can anyone really explain to me why ‘fuck’ is a bad word? You can use the expression ‘darn’, ‘crap’, and ‘ouch’ in an exclamation of pain or delight. Why are those not considered the same? Fuck is a versatile word. How many situations can you put fuck into and have it be grammatically correct? A lot. That being said, when you put this sort of label on words, it gives them power. It gives them strength. Why do you think the youth of modern times is so “potty mouthed”? The words are given a lot of power, and why wouldn’t an unruly, angst ridden preteen want to throw that word around like it’s the word ‘it’?

But of course, too much could be a bad thing in a different sense. Some people, when they curse, really bring it home. Someone who you never hear say “Holy goddamned fucking shit” will definitely get his/her point across that they are perturbed when they fire off something that vile. Others though, lose the effect of the word from overuse. When ‘fuck’ is used so much it becomes a part of daily life or even more, where’s the special power that comes with it? It doesn’t mean much when it’s as common as ‘was’.

But now this hypersensitive nature of curse words has spilled over into the words that aren’t bad. Tranny is now off limits. So is fag, retard, and indian giver. They even go as far to say honky, cracker, and whitey are bad words. Since when has someone said honky and not been laughed at? No white person really thinks cracker or whitey is on the same level as a person yelling ‘nigger’. Other words are oreo, dyke, and redneck. Even saying ‘the man’ (in reference to any sort of oppressive authority) is considered offensive to white people. Ridiculous on all fronts.

Language is the most important tool we have right now as evolved humans. This is what we rely on to convey emotions and ideas. It makes no sense to regulate your communication because some people think it’s offensive. Some of the words need to be offensive, just as some words need to dictate love, pain, and if something tastes good or not. I think a lot of what our problems are as a country can be traced back to special interest groups getting too touchy and sensitive, and the people they attack are becoming weak willed and spineless. How quickly they forget that these interest groups cannot do anything to you for voicing an opinion or cracking a joke.

I’m getting sick and tired of the hipster trend taking over the world like a plague. Embracing the notion of super-sensitivity. Taking the responsibility off of the shoulders of the people who should be responsible. The fear of hurting other people’s feelings instead of the truth is what’s making the United States weak and looked down upon in the eyes of other countries. With all news channels suffering from extreme bias and fake impartial journalism, no one is willing to be honest, and worse, everyone is afraid to speak their mind, because of the repercussions that should not exist. We’re left with advancement and equality groups that will jump down someone’s throat the second they form an opinion. One problem people have is race. There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging race.

The government isn’t threatening our free speech, it’s ourselves. With our extremely sensitive ideals, we’ve become weak. Political correctness will be responsible for the downfall of the United States unless people stop concerning themselves with how other people feel and just be honest. An opinion is not something to be punished for. I can understand certain groups coming under fire for their views (KKK comes to mind), but that’s not quite what I am getting at. An example, you’ll see how quickly the media will cover white on black hate crimes, but you’ll almost never hear about black on white hate crimes. But it’s a well known fact that it happens. So what is happening here? Do we fear pointing the finger honestly? Do we fear the repercussions of reality? Are we afraid to be who we are at heart, and this over-reaction just a frantic attempt to deny that we, as humans, are horrible things?

Time will tell.

When Vocal Shit Hits The Fan - Chapter 7, "Foul Words" [Explicit]

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