Well damn.

Ho shit people, it’s been two long years since I posted in this useless journal. Why? I don’t know. it’s not like I haven’t been working, I just haven’t been spilling my guts like a 14 year old just-menstruating princess. What a shame! You’ve missed so much. Here’s what happened:

I got a job
Got fired from the job,
Got a girlfriend,
Formed a metal band.

Here’s the band.

You don’t get to see the girl.

With that being said…
I’ll see you in two years.

Kwa heri.

I Stink...

Look I KNOW haven’t added anything of quality in a while. Yes, as the title says, I stink. I’m in the process of working on a huge piece (it’s actually a birthday present for someone…) and I want to make sure it is as badass as I can possibly make it. I’ve been working on a few things actually, but for now, the primary focus is this image. It’s quite an oddball one I would say. If ‘God Complex’ struck your fancy, than this will, tenfold. I have no tentative ‘completion date’ because, well, that would be ridiculous. After this gets finished though, I’ll be doing another photo manipulation for a model, Laurel, who I promised would be finished as soon as possible. And if that goes swimmingly, I’ll be doing another one of…

Anime - The Pillar of Creativity, Originality, Technicality, and Mastery

Anime. Why a journal entry for this?

Because it’s so technically challenging, because it’s one of the hardest art forms to master. Mona Lisa? NO. Statue of David? NO. Birth of Venus? NO. Anime is even harder to draw than that. Sound impossible? It isn’t. It’s nearly impossible. It is by far though, the most difficult to master. It requires perfect precision, acute anatomical direction and, most of all, the ability to allow yourself to be original. ORIGINALITY IS KEY to anime.

I hope that if you read this, you have a strong sense of SARCASM, SPITE, HATE, and RAGE.

I would submit this to the creative writing section, but out of pure spite and unwavering hatred for it, I will post it here. And as for my reasoning behind this conjecture, I will simply have it be an ano…


So today a very special thing happened. A UPS deliveryman arrived at my doorstep with an item I have sought after for many a year, an item that will (hopefully) bring my artwork to an exponentially higher level, and allow me to fully create some of the imagery that storms in my head. Today, I was blessed with a Wacom Intuos tablet, the largest possible.

Now I only have one problem with it. I wanted the image to actually appear on the tablet. Essentially a touch screen monitor. I now realize that that sort of device (which I had perused along with this one) would cost much much more, and with how close I came monetarily to not getting this one, I guess there’s not much to gripe about. And this problem isn’t even a big one. In time I’ll learn to deal.

Honestly though, it&#…

April 19: Music

Been spending the last couple of weeks writing some music, unfortunately my sound card on my computer is muffed up and is impeding the march towards an album release, as I cannot record vocals or guitar, and I can’t find a suitable drummer. Boy it sure is hard to be a rockstar, isn’t it?

I’m about to head off to practice again, with a band that I like being in, but I don’t know if their direction is what I want. But, as I am the most recent addition to the band, my power over the group is extremely limited. My vocals have yet to become an integral part, I still await the day I can write a song of my own and hear it played in real life. Someday.

I finished up a new song last night, but my mind drew blanks as to what to name it. It’s a mid-tempo rhythmic chaos,…

Rant 1

I’m getting sick and tired of the hipster trend taking over the world like a plague. Embracing the notion of super-sensitivity. Taking the responsibility off of the shoulders of the people who should be responsible. The fear of hurting other people’s feelings instead of the truth is what’s making the United States weak and looked down upon in the eyes of other countries. With all news channels suffering from extreme bias and fake impartial journalism, no one is willing to be honest, and worse, everyone is afraid to speak their mind, because of the repercussions that should not exist. We’re left with advancement and equality groups that will jump down someone’s throat the second they form an opinion. I’m talking about race in the media. There’s not…