My Name is Mike Jacobs (pshootermike) I am a Hobbyist Photographer,
I have been on Red Bubble since January of 2010, at the time I was
shooting a Sony A200 (my first DSLR) and since have upgraded to
a Nikon D7000……I really like this Camera and it has captured some nice
photo’s for me…I would like some day to get a full frame camera as Landscape
photography is one of my favorite styles of photography as well as HDR Photography.
I enjoy photographing Old Barns, Lone Trees, Water Falls, Wildlife, Sunrise and Sunsets, Old Things in general, ( or whatever opportunity arises while I have my Camera in Hand.)
I enjoy Red Bubble and all the Fabulous Artist on this site….I learn so much just
by seeing their beautiful works of Art.
I am always open to constructive criticism and instruction on how to be a better Photographer.
I have worked in graphic arts for years and love working in Photo Shop and HDR images. It takes photography to another level (to Me) and it is fun to see what becomes of a simple street scene or a beautiful old building.
It is exciting to travel and see through the lens what God puts in front of you and the opportunities you have everywhere.
Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter. (Ansell Adams) but more often than not i’m a little late.
Photography to me is a Beginning without an End.
Thank you… to all who view my Photos.


  • Joined: January 2010