Lee Jones

Lee Jones

Cardiff, United Kingdom

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Hi, thanks for stopping by.

By day I’m an IT Helper and Website Developer, by night I’m Batman… wait, that’s not right…

In addition to my day job I like creating works based on popular (or unpopular) movies. It’s really cool when someone buys the work and only inspires me to create more!

I’ve created a Redbubble API for all you website owners out there. The API is available for download at GitHub

  • Joined: November 2010


Redbubble API anyone?

This has been frustrating me for a while. / I love using Redbubble, during this last awful British summer it has given me something to instead of hanging around in the rain. / What would have really made things cool is that I could have integrated my Redbubble collections into my recent website update. Unfortunately Redbubble haven’t produced an API for all of us to use. I can see why they …
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