Redbubble API anyone?

This has been frustrating me for a while.

I love using Redbubble, during this last awful British summer it has given me something to instead of hanging around in the rain.

What would have really made things cool is that I could have integrated my Redbubble collections into my recent website update. Unfortunately Redbubble haven’t produced an API for all of us to use. I can see why they haven’t, Redbubble is meant to be a social community where you browse work and talk to each other about it, and I like that, but not everyone I know has been on (or even heard of) Redbubble so how are they going to find me??

I took it upon myself to create a bootleg API that scrapes your profile page and gathers the information about your collections and display it ready for formatting and styling. You can click the collections and on the same page it will then display the collections contents and their price.

It works pretty well I think, there will probably be some issues but if you let me know I’ll address them. I may even add some more features if I can.

Anyway the API can be downloaded from GitHub

I hope you can all put it to some use!


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