Strategic scientist, politician, businessman, freelance photojournalist and corporate photographer. After a career as a reform politician in South Africa, a reputation management consultant, and director of companies, my partner and I emigrated to New Zealand in 2001.

Today we live in Melbourne, Australia. My passion for serious photography was ignited by the advent of the first serious digital cameras at the turn of the century, just around the time we emigrated from South Africa.

I love studio work. Probably as much as location work. I like variety. I don’t believe that “generalist” photographer is a dirty word. I am not one-dimensional. Surely, none of us really are, though we all develop special fondnesses for certain types of photography.

I am a citizen of the world, and I treasure my travel photography – some of which has been published. Like all little boys I dream of doing an assignment for National Geographic. Having grown up in Africa I am fearless in close proximity to wildlife. Even the critters that bite. Big ones. It’s the small ones that kill.

Similarly, having grown up in Africa, I am fairly unfazed by war zones, bullets and bombs. I dream of shooting the implications of wars on ordinary folks for Time, Demotix, Life or Reuters. I am not bullet proof: I just have a steady hand and a level head. I disapprove of all the self-serving sentimentality surrounding war. There’s nothing glamorous about conflict. And soldiers do not become heroes simply by becoming dead.

Some of my work deals with environmental stewardship issues. Not that I am a “Greenie.” But because I believe our planet deserves a little more respect. Man is not Earth’s best friend.

My published work has been mainly travel and social commentary, though the books I have published have included physique studies, social commentary and documentary photography titles.

For a living I do two of the things that I love most: I make photographs, and I practice the art of human communication. is my “serious website.” But you will find thousands of my favorite images at where I have been a member since my photographic journey began in earnest in 2001.

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Time to exit Red Bubble

Every time Red Bubble management decides to tinker with the website they make it more complex, less user-friendly and in so doing they diminish its value. Change for the sake of change, and fixing things that aren’t broken is the habit of people who have nothing better to do. To Red Bubble Management: I am a photographer. I am not a software developer. I don’t want to have to jum…
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