Eeyore is everyone’s favorite delightfully dismal donkey. But Eeyore doesn’t see himself as gloomy — he just has low expectations. He expects nothing from anybody, so whenever his friends do come to his aid his expectations of the worst are overthrown, and he is sincerely grateful. Eeyore’s tiny bright pink bow on his tail, the one hint of color against his gray, is a perfect symbol of the kernel of joy that occasionally surfaces in Eeyore. Though he may pretend he’s helping because there’s nothing better to do — make no mistake, Eeyore is always there for his friends.
Every Time I drive by this Old Farm Truck it hits me every time, the first time I saw I had to pull over because my mind filled with the memories of watching
Winnie the Pooh, I Loved Winnie the Pooh and all of his friends, it was one of those cartoons that inspired me as a child to live adventurously and free.
I look at this Old truck and I can hear it “Oh well I guess I ain’t going anywhere so I might as well just get used to the cool green grass, at least I’m still here.”
Some say he was sad, some say he was depressed, I think Eeyore was realistic, and really, maybe just maybe deep down inside he was content and fully satisfied…but that is just my thought




  • handprintz
    handprintzover 6 years ago

    Eeyore is my most favourite character,l think l have five different varieties of stuffed toy eeyores on my dashboard alone,add that to the several,including one that is two feet high that sits on the bed inside,and l even have one that sings in that toneless voice and it’s ears flap up and down while it’s doing it!! and it adds up to a very cute collection!! l see what you mean about the truck,looks like it could’nt really care if it moved or not,looks comfy enough!!and the light you have used on it is excellent,well done Jas!!

  • Get out of Here!!!! I can’t believe it, I Love Eeyore!!!!! And you have agreat big Stuffy!!!! That Rocks, I don’t care what any one says the next time I see a Great Big Eeyore I’m Nabbing it ( Legit though) LOL There are two other angles that I got of this old truck and they all scream Eeyore…..And You even have one that Talks LOL The Batteries would be dead the first day I got it, LOL I would have to buy two One to keep and one to haul around with me LOL
    “Oh well, I guess it will just sit here in the rain and wait for some one to come along and keep me company….” LOL

    – Jason D. Laderoute

  • handprintz
    handprintzover 6 years ago

    l will put them all together and take a pic tomorrow,at least the ones inside the house,the car is in the repairers and the rest are keeping it company,l even have eeyore on my house coat,love eeyore he’s just the best!

  • Jason D. Laderoute
    Jason D. Lader...over 6 years ago

    Yeah He really is, Really the Hero for me
    Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh Winnie winnie winnie winnie Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh….
    That so ROCKS!!!

  • LindaR
    LindaRover 6 years ago

    lol….I have so enjoyed the read here ~ first great shot of the old truck out to pasture – literally :) and then to read your description of Eeyore ~ which I loved the Pooh series entirely~and you described him so well!! thanks for some heart tugs and memories ~ and some chuckles too xx (Are you Eeyore Jas?kinda get the feeling of connection here x)

  • Jason D. Laderoute
    Jason D. Lader...over 6 years ago

    Oh well there goes my cover….I thought I could hide here and nobody find out, whats the sense in hiding now…
    LOL You guessed it Linda, Well not so much the nut shell any more, but spent many a year adn every no and again I wear the rain bucket LOL
    Thanks Linda

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