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My self aside if your reading this please sign this petitions if you agree with it.

A city in michigan is pressing CRIMINAL charges on a women for growing veggies in her FRONT yard.

if you support her please sign this

Hi, My name is April, Please Drop the A and call me Pril! I am recently married to the best guy ever. He is in the IT field working day to day with stuff I don’t fully understand. He is a loving and family man who also shares my motivation with my work.

I have a passion for all types of art graphics photos anything. If I had to group myself into a title i guess i would call myself more of a landscape photographer and or graphic girl.. lol no matter what type of medium i work with it all stems from the heart.

I have a lot of other pages out in the art community and it’s still growing. to learn more about me just ask.

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