Piracy...with my work !!!?

I was taken by surprise yesterday when I found my photograph Moods of Lord Ganesh was printed on a front page of a Local magazine – Grahankit : September 2010 Issue. I had a weekly holiday & was on personal assignment for coming Ganesh festival. While moving on the streets I was caught by Lord Ganesh photograph & suddenly I realized it’s mine. I immediately purchased that magazine & searched for the image credits – No wonder it was not there. While going through the publisher’s details I found it’s a local one. I went to the office & taken my action with the editor.

I wanted to share this because just a simple method anyone can get your artwork saved easily ( File – Save web page as ) & it’s done for anyone. Unfortunately RB doesn’t support with our images to prevent such piracy. If you go to 1x, they have better support.

Learning for me :

1. I have decided to put watermark with complete name at the center of image when zoomed.
2. Although, I have a VERY good support on bubble, I realized I am picking up well now with my work :D



  • Amber Williams
    Amber Williamsalmost 4 years ago

    congratulations for getting the front page. -I am sorry it was wrongfully taken though. -Some of my work has been stolen. -My mom always tells me I should be flattered that my work is worth stealing…. I am usually too mad to be happy about it.

  • hi Amber, Sad but true. Thanks for backing up here :)

    – Prasad

  • linaji
    linajialmost 4 years ago

    Omg.. Prasad.. do you copywite everything??? wowo let us know the results of your persuit!!!

  • I think Linaji, bubble has provided Copyright URL it should work. Secondly the RAW image we own. Apart from this I’ll be taking it seriously further with your suggestion.

    – Prasad

  • JKKimball
    JKKimballalmost 4 years ago

    Such a sad state of affairs Prasad, sorry for your troubles.
    I love your work. John

  • Hi John, Thanks for backing me up here friend

    – Prasad

  • Gregory John O'Flaherty
    Gregory John O...almost 4 years ago

    “Article 27 (2) ": is all you need to show them. I hope they are going to pay you well for the breach of your rights !!

  • Hi Greg, Thanks for the informative link, it’ll work. Apart from it now I’ll go through regulations in India, too

    – Prasad

  • Mukesh Srivastava
    Mukesh Srivastavaalmost 4 years ago

    I think there is no solution to safeguard against piracy…. Just Shift+print screen can copy any image anywhere…of course with a poor resolution….Thank God you could know it in time….

  • That’s true. The print resolution was very poor. I asked the editor, if he liked it so much, he would have asked me for that. I might have done some favor for him and offered better image FOC. Now, it’s late for him.

    – Prasad

  • Adnane Mouhyi
    Adnane Mouhyialmost 4 years ago

    Sad thing! and you should report this to Redbubble, that really sux.

  • I dropped mail to Peter, today. Let’s see how it works. Thanks for standing by me, Adnane :)

    – Prasad

  • trish725
    trish725almost 4 years ago

  • trish725
    trish725almost 4 years ago

    Hope this is resolved to your satisfaction very soon, Prasad. Just proves how good your work is though that people are willing to steal it (unfortunately for you)!

  • Thanks Trish. I hope to come out of it…

    – Prasad

  • vaggypar
    vaggyparalmost 4 years ago

    i am really sorry Prasad about what happened to you! I must admit, however, that I am still surprised tha some hosts in certain groups of Bubble, will not accept a picture if it has your watermark on it..!! Is this fair, realistic or feasible, any more!!!???

  • I agree with you. I am also hosting a group, but your thought now will make me think other way.

    Thanks for your support friend :)

    – Prasad

  • Corri Gryting Gutzman
    Corri Gryting ...almost 4 years ago

    Congrats on front page, but sorry about the theft.
    Maybe you can get them to do a reprint with credit and a higher resolution image and publicize your photography.
    Maybe your talking with them will keep them from doing it again.
    Hope so. Let us know how it goes.

  • Hi Corri, Sad but true. I am closing it some other way, soon. Thanks for adding me to your watch list :)

    – Prasad