That was a time and this is also a TIME :)


Ever since I have been aboard on bubble platform, the world around was quite challenging and I was quite a newbie then. I always wondered How would be the Life with me here?

I must accept I came here by accident, it was just a choice two years back when I decided to go for a DSLR. I remember I was not even aware of the DSLR brands on that day. Aboard here time was moving SLOWLY for me and happening were in bits and pieces, but they kept the life moving.

But last few days things are moving quite fast, here is some stat -

1. First appearance on bubble home page and two home page features in last 15 days. Colors of Life and Let there be some Light
2. 18 images featured in different groups in last one week. Two images River Poems #4 and Deep in the woods……., featured consistently in last two months – featured almost 12 times each in different groups.
3. Three of my images moving quite dynamically River Poems #4 with 828 views, 63 fav, 222 comments and a challenge winner of Boats challenge, Deep in the woods……. with 765views, 70 fav, 194 comments and Let there be some Light with 1187 views, 70 fav, 180 comments

Icing on top, Dayonda sent a BM to inform me that I am a featured artist for Jan’10 in Mornings & Evenings — Sunbeams & Storms group.

I keep myself quite with the happening of features and other stuffs, but whatever has been happening last few days, is a thrilling experience. I am thankful to ALL my friends as I personally cannot reach to everyone, who are supporting me the evolve as an artist on my digital endeavor here :) I still have to go a lot of distance and I’ll carry your goodwill on my way.

A deep bow of thaks for everyone here.


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